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 CFIIA May Member Spotlight

CFIIA Member Spotlight
The CFIIA will be spotlighting various chapter members.  If you would like to nominate a colleague or team member to be featured in the next Member Spotlight, see the contact information provided below.
Francis F. Amanquah, MSc. CISA. CRISC.
Office of the District Internal Auditor/OCPS 
What do you enjoy the most in your current position?
I am privileged to be part of a seasoned team which has enabled a smooth orientation in connecting the prominent dots within my internal audit role. The highly supportive coordination within the team coupled with a business-focused team mindset allows me to be innovative and creative ... - and the best part ... encourages me to wake up each morning to go to the office, I look forward to it!

What are some of the challenges you face in your current position?
Changing the mindset of our clients from the perception of the auditor's role of being a 'gotcha' patrolling force; and to understand the role as being more preventive than curative or reactive; and that their buy-in to the process will be mutually beneficial.

If you were not an auditor, what would you be doing?
Perhaps - similar to current profession, I would be working in the field of forensic science (forensic investigation, etc.). I've always enjoyed brain teasers, solving riddles, and unraveling puzzles - and my best academic subject was cryptography. On the extra-curricular front, I believe I'd be providing voluntary care service to retirement/assisted-living homes. I've a natural soft spot for seeking the welfare of our senior citizens.
What is your cure for a bad day?
Hmmm...: first - I pray and transfer the risk ;-)! Then, either get to the golf driving range to hit a few balls on the greens; stay home to watch comedy with the family; or take a stroll with my dog - likes me just the way I am or feel. That's very refreshing!

What is one interesting fact that people would be surprised to know about you?
I'm a skilled swordsman.

Who are three people, deceased or still with us, that you would like to have dinner with?
On the other side - definitely, my beloved parents: Toast to their honor for inculcating in me - a no worries attitude - and to reiterate what the Book of Ecclesiastes tells us - "time and season for everything...". 
...that leaves me with one more - so, on planet earth - that'd be - : my elder brother - Mark; in sharing our family values on determination, perseverance, simplicity and above all - humility in bliss.
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