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 COSO Resource Center

The IIA Releases a COSO Resource Center

With COSO issuing an updated Internal Control–Integrated Framework (Framework), members are seeking the resources and tools to support implementation. The IIA's COSO Resource Center has been developed to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of resources, tools, and training to support your member’s implementation efforts. Here’s a sample of what is available in the Resource Center:
  • Framework and Tools
  • FAQs and Overview
  • 2-Day Seminar Course
  • Companion Book
COSO Course Coming to Florida in 2013
Starting on May 22 and in 11 locations throughout 2013, A new two-day course titled COSO 2013: Implementing the Framework is designed to support an organization’s implementation efforts and examines how a principles-based approach can be used to design, implement, and evaluate a system of internal controls. Register today and be prepared for the future of internal audit.
COSO Internal Control‒Integrated Framework: Turning Principles into Positive Action Book – Larry Rittenberg, COSO’s chair emeritus, provides a high-level, 100-page companion guide that will help internal auditors in all industries to quickly identify the implications for their organizations. The book is included with the two-day COSO course or can be purchased separately.