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 Chapter History

History of the Central Virginia Chapter, chartered 1949

The Central Virginia Chapter of The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc. was formed in 1949, becoming the 37th chapter. Prior to 1984 it was known as the Richmond Chapter. Raymond E. Noonan, Chief Auditor, Reynolds Metal Company, was the Chapter's first president and the person primarily responsible for the Chapter's formation. Mr. Noonan became The IIA’s Global President for the term 1953-1954. He died in September 1953 while serving. His speech at the 1953 International Conference, entitled “Progress Through Sharing…”, denoted his theme, which was adopted as The IIA’s motto, surviving over 50 years and still appropriate today in our ever changing world. A brick on the new IIA Global Headquarters “Pathway to Progress” recognizes Raymond Noonan as a former Chairman. Others involved in the formation of the Chapter with him were:

• Frank E. Bragg - Traveling Auditor, C&P Telephone Company

• William Doran, Jr. - Chief Auditor, Southern States Cooperative, Inc.

• Edgarton French - Auditor, Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company

• William Files - Asst. Controller, Newport News Shipping & Drydock Co.

• Luther Smith - Internal Auditor, Larus Brothers & Company

• William Taliafarro - Controller, Miller & Rhoads Department Store

• William Talley - Accountant, The Tredegar Company

• Reginald Tate - Auditor, Life Insurance Company of Virginia

• Dan Witt - CPA, T. Coleman Andrews Company

The first meeting place was at Ewart's Cafeteria on 5th Street across from the former John Marshall Hotel. Other early meeting places were White's Restaurant on East Grace Street across from the former Miller & Rhoads Department Store and the Hotel Jefferson on West Franklin Street. Raymond Noonan died while serving as The IIA’s President in 1953. He requested that the Chapter establish a scholarship fund in his name and all contributions received for that purpose were disbursed to deserving students over the next several years.

On August 30, 1989 the Chapter was incorporated and granted tax-exempt status. The Chapter hosted the 1990 Southern Regional Conference later that chapter year. The Education Endowment Trust was established with the profits from the 1990 Southern Regional Conference in May 1991. The trust agreement was amended and the trust was renamed The Theron Bell III Education Endowment Trust following his death in May 1992. Theron was chairperson of the conference committee and served as the Chapter's President in 1983-1984. Contributions dedicated to his memory were added to the endowment fund that is used to Fund scholarships, provide CIA review material for our membership and promote research in internal auditing.


The above information was originally obtained from William Doran, Jr., updated by Vivian Houchens, President, 1992-93 and Chapter Historian, 1995-1996. In 2004 Bill Noonan, son of co-founder Raymond E. Noonan, and several IIA Headquarters staff, provided added data for update by John R. Allen, President, 2001-2002.

These excerpts from Foundations for Unlimited Horizons, The Institute of Internal Auditors 1941-1976 by Victor Z. Brink, PhD, CIA, CPA, describes the Co-founder & First President of The IIA Richmond Chapter (the 37th chapter; known since 1984 as the Central Virginia Chapter) Raymond E. Noonan’s involvement with the global IIA organization…. Raymond E. Noonan (13th International President, 1953/54) “Ray, like many internal auditors, began his career in public accounting and was with Ernst & Ernst a number of years before he was induced by their client, the Reynolds Metals Company, to take charge of the internal auditing activities of that company. As an individual, he had the highest professional capabilities, and, in addition possessed outstanding personal charm and social presence. It was, additionally, his keen practical insights that generated the theme that he proposed for his term of office – “Progress Through Sharing Internal Auditing Knowledge.” The later action by The Institute in amending the corporate seal to incorporate a shortened form of his theme can well be viewed as a major recognition of Ray’s important contribution It was indeed a tragedy that Ray was stricken soon after he took office. The Institute then had its first and only experience of a vice president moving into the presidency under such circumstances.” [Page 40.]

Note: The President, at that time, was the highest ranking volunteer position of The IIA, with the President essentially serving as the Chairman of today’s IIA. While in the subsequent 50 years, since September 1953, no other “volunteer” chief of The IIA (President/Chairman ) has died while in office, IIA members were again saddened in 2004 by the death of its retiring  

President William Bishop, who’d served as a full-time paid executive of The IIA for nearly a decade.]

Raymond E. Noonan -- 1953/54

Noonan attended the Pace Institute in New York City. After a number of years in public accounting, he joined the Reynolds Metal Company and was in charge of internal auditing. His presidential theme was “Progress Through Sharing Internal Auditing Knowledge” -- later shortened, when adopted by The Institute, to “Progress Through Sharing.” Because of poor health which developed after his election, he resigned on September 1, 1953. Noonan died on September 4, 1953, the only (volunteer) president to die while in office. [Page 26.]

Page 165 Exhibit 9.1 Gallery of Chairmen

Year President Theme

1953-54 Ray E. Noonan* Progress Through Sharing

1953-54 William T. Hamilton, CIA* Progress Through Sharing

Page 168 shows a photo of Ray E. Noonan, 1953-54.

Page 178 Chronological Time Line of Significant IIA Activities

1955 “Progress Through Sharing” is adopted as The IIA’s official motto.

[Ray’s theme has survived as IIA’s motto for 50 years, in our ever-changing world, because its meaning is as representative of The IIA in the 21st Century as it was when Ray

introduced it as his theme in 1953 and when Ray’s successor carried on the same theme.]

The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc. Central Virginia Chapter

Past Presidents

Central Virginia Chapter - Organized 1949

2014-2015 John K. Causey

2013-2014 Nannette H. Williams

2012-2013 Jarred VandeMark

2011-2012 Beverly L. Bennett

2010-2011 David B. Mann

2009-2010 Rob Scible

2008-2009 James E. Womack

2007-2008 Tasha Owens

2006-2007 Al Thacker

2005-2006 Darlene G. Williams

2004-2005 Christie B. Arrington

2003-2004 Scott McKnight

2002-2003 John W. Wszelaki **

2001-2002 John R. Allen ***

2000-2001 Carlton A. Palmer, Jr.

1999-2000 Michael S. Faszewski

1998-1999 Carla J. M. Sankey

1997-1998 Hilary J. Blackburn

1996-1997 Thomas W. Bodeman {R}

1995-1996 Barbara J. Bowling

1994-1995 David L. Smith {r}

1993-1994 Joseph D. Freiburger

1992-1993 Vivian S. Houchens {r}

1991-1992 Patricia T. Herman

1990-1991 John H. Huston

1989-1990 H. Van Beggarly

1988-1989 Keith A. Reynolds

1987-1988 Mark P. Mikuta

1986-1987 Thomas A. Slack

1985-1986 James C. Wasicki {r}

1984-1985 Thomas P. Kellam

1983-1984 James R. Johnson

1982-1983 David L. Burke

1981-1982 Theron P. Bell, III {d}

1980-1981 H. Lewis Garrett {R}

1979-1980 Gerald A. Saunders

1978-1979 William H. Miller

1977-1978 William C. Barnes

1976-1977 F. Edward Blake {d}

1975-1976 Kenneth B. Kines {d}

1974-1975 Arthur J. Zohab, Jr.

1973-1974 Leland C. Glazier {d}

1972-1973 Ellwood F. Hudson {r}

1971-1972 Donald H. Eason

1970-1971 Elijah B. Roark, Jr.

1969-1970 Douglas L. Harrington

1968-1969 Lynwood Littlefield, Jr.

1967-1968 James T. Rice {r}

1966-1967 William S. Sykes. Jr. **

1965-1966 Ernest U. Widmer

1964-1965 James R. Condrey

1963-1964 Harold M. Robinson {d}

1962-1963 Harry B. Lichtenberger

1961-1962 T. Jack Gary, Jr.

1960-1961 Hugh H. Baird, Jr.

1959-1960 Jessie T. Hudson, Jr.

1958-1959 Josiah A. Stanley, Jr.

1957-1958 Cornelius H. Nagle **

1956-1957 Martin T. Lee

1955-1956 L. W. Agnew

1954-1955 W. J. Doran

1953-1954 William T. Talley

1952-1953 Edgerton E. Franck

1951-1952 Luther H. Smith

1950-1951 R.B.Tate

1949-1950 Raymond E. Noonan *

* Global IIA President/Chairman 1953-54;

theme as global President:

“Progress Through Sharing…”,

died in September 1953 while serving.

** Past International Officer.

*** served on an International Committee.

{ d Deceased

{ r Relocated outside Virginia.

{ R Retired

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