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The IIA offers numerous benefits for members:
  • Members-only rates on conferences, seminars, and executive development through Vision University can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Exclusive monthly Members-only Webinars are part of your core membership benefits and provide you with CPE units without ever leaving your desk or paying additional fees.
  • Members-only rates for other specialty webinars and self-study courses provide easy access to advance your knowledge from the convenience of your own desktop.
 Upcoming Events
3/13/2018 - 3/14/2018

This event is presented by The Institute of Internal Auditors Colorado Springs Chapter.

Seminar Details:

Day 1 - Fighting the Fraud Culture

For professional auditors and fraud examiners who want to learn how to assess their organization's fraud risk culture and business practices and effectively evaluate internal control gaps and issues that may lead to fraud.  Learn how to develop a fraud methodology to effectively manage and communicate issues that arise.

Day 2 - Cybersecurity Risks - Internal Auditor's Responsibility

For internal auditors who want an overall understanding of cyber risks and threats currently plaguing business.  Evaluate concepts of cyber risk management, business and personal identify theft, and expectations of shareholders, stakeholders, and many legislative bodies toward protecting your organization's information technology infrastructure.  Explore internal audit's role in cyber risk management.


Colorado Springs Chapter Member: $275

Non-Member: $300

Student: $225

Early registration discount of $25 if registered by March 7, 2018.

More details and registration can be found on the event's website.


This is a joint meeting between the Institute of Internal Auditors Denver Chapter and the Denver Chapter of ISACA.

Topics and Learning Objectives:

This session will cover common fraud schemes and how data analytics can be used to detect and prevent them.  It will include a focus on both structured and textual/social media data.

Speaker Bio:

Lanny Morrow is a 21-year veteran at BKD.  He is the Senior Data Scientist and testifying expert in digital forensics and advanced forensic data mining for BKD's Forensic & Valuation Services division.  He is a frequent speaker and writer on both topics, including contributions to university textbooks and the Associate of Certified Fraud Examiners' Fraud Magazine publication.

Lanny has developed proprietary artificial intelligence used to uncover patterns and relationships in structured and textual data.  His technology allows BKD's fraud investigators to rapidly identify relevant content in e-mails, documents, social media, and other sources early in an investigation.  This technology also assesses the overall emotional state of communications, identifies hidden relationship networks among subjects in an investigation, and traces the evolution of topics, concepts, and emotional states over time.  Lanny also has developed numerous data analytics deliverables using the Visual Basic and Python programming languages, and specializes in the design and use of complex analytical databases using the SQL platform. 

Lanny received his EnCase® Certified Examiner (EnCE®) in 2002, a designation awarded to digital forensics professionals. He specializes in the collection, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence and has conducted numerous investigations involving the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, theft of intellectual property, public corruption, corporate espionage, fraud and white collar crimes, merger and acquisition due diligence, incident response, and identity theft. He is a testifying expert in administrative, state, and federal jurisdictions and has worked extensively for attorneys representing clients in the banking, health care, transportation, insurance, and retail/manufacturing industries.


  • 11:00 - noon: Registration and Lunch
  • Noon - 2:00: Presentation


  • Member - $25
  • Non-Member - $35
Lunch will be provided.

**Credit card payments must be processed online.  Only cash and checks are accepted at the door.**


Ample free parking is provided at this venue.

Cancellation Policy:

Registrants must provide 24 hour notice of non-attendance for a full refund.  No-show registrants that have a balance due will be expected to provide full payment if the event is sold out.


This event is co-sponsored with John Hall.

Seminar Details:

When improvement ideas fail to generate action, managers and their organizations incur the costs of inefficiency, non-compliance, and outright waste.  In this fast-paced program, you'll learn proven steps used to "sell" improvement ideas that come from your audit, compliance, fraud risk, and general management projects.

We'll present a deep dive into this important topic - leaning heavily on the work auditors and similar improvement experts perform every day.  Using real-world case-based examples, you'll practice the skills in small team exercises throughout the day.  You'll leave with proven, practical, 'how-to' action ideas to use right away on the job.  Participants will earn 8 CPE credits in Auditing (NASBA Sponsor number 108226).

Planned Topics Include:

  • Lessons from the masters on selling ideas and driving needed change
  • How to address and overcome resistance to action in our own business behaviors
  • Why others resist improvement ideas - unless it's their idea!
  • Utilizing 'Point of View' techniques in preparing for improvement discussions
  • Where audit-based Root Cause Analysis fits into improvement - and how to use this powerful technique to overcome resistance and drive change
  • Framing, anchoring, and permission - the triple crown of influence discussions
  • A Ten-Step Road Map for selling audit ideas
  • Physical presence - how to speak, stand, sit, and behave to reinforce your ideas
  • Using internal consulting skills on projects to demonstrate measurable value
Special note to all managers and staff:
While the skills covered in this event are directed toward professionals with audit roles, they apply equally well to any manager or employee interested in influencing others.



Early registration discount of $20 if registered by March 23, 2018.

View the event brochure.

More details and registration can be found on the event's website.

The Denver Chapter IIA is hosting its first ever May Internal Audit Awareness Month Conference.


As a special thank you, we are offering our Denver Chapter members 80% off registration!  Enjoy a complete program of up to 8 CPE training hours, breakfast, and lunch for only $25.  This is our lowest price ever!  Space is limited, so register now!

This full-day event will give participants skills to progress in your internal audit career, communicate awareness and value provided by the internal audit function, and use emotional intelligence in your daily audit work.  See session descriptions below for more details.

Topics and Speakers:

"Leadership Skills That Can Take Internal Audit to the C-Suite" by Michael Fucilli

Internal Auditors have some of the strongest skills necessary to make an impact in their organizations.  These include analytical skills and critical thinking.  While CEOs appreciate these skills, they are place great emphasis on "soft skills" such as communication and seeing the big picture.  This session will discuss how we can bring out these traits and demonstrate our leadership skills through coachability, emotional intelligence, motivation, and temperament.

Michael J Fucilli, CIA, CFE, QIAL, CRMA, CGAP

Michael Fucilli is the Chief Audit Executive for the largest public sector transit authority in North America with operating revenues in excess of $15 billion and a capital program of approximately $5 billion.  Mike has 38 years of internal auditing experience that includes financial services, public sector, GRC, technology, and SOX reporting.  Mike has an audit staff of 85 professionals and is President of the IIA's Internal Audit Foundation and IIA Vice Chairman.  Mike previously held positions in banking and defense contracting.  Mike is also an adjunct professor for Pace University, where he teaches the IIA Learning System for the Certified Internal Auditor exam.  He is a frequent speaker at IIA International Conferences, having spoken at the last four conferences in Sydney, London, Vancouver, and New York City on a variety of topics including governance, risk, and fraud.

"Collaborative Communications: Audit Reports that Build Trust and Your Brand" by Emily Jacobson

Every communication internal auditors have with stakeholders is an opportunity to either build trust or diminish it, build the audit function's brand or degrade it.  The audit report is no exception.  Many auditors naturally view the audit report as an opportunity to document their work.  However, by viewing the audit report instead as a vehicle for communicating what stakeholders need to know about the results of their work, they can greatly increase buy-in.  This session will teach you how to write audit reports that connect with your reader, tell a compelling story, and demonstrate value as a strategic partner.  Learn how to leverage the tools of deductive writing, reader expectations, and data visualization to highlight your objectivity, perspective, and ability to serve as a trusted advisor.  

Emily Jacobson

Emily Jacobson is a skilled writer, communicator, and facilitator with more than 15 years of experience in both the public and private sector.  In her position with the Denver Auditor's Office and through her consulting business, she works with audit teams to craft audit reports that are clear, concise, constructive, and innovative.  She also frequently presents at conferences and provides training on audit report writing, often through the Association of Local Government Auditors, where she recently served as editor of the Local Government Auditing Quarterly.  She has also volunteered on the Communications Committee of the Denver Chapter of the IIA.  Prior to entering the world of internal audit, Emily served in marketing and communications roles for some of Denver’s largest corporate law firms and started her career working for the Colorado state legislature editing bills and amendments.  Emily received her bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Colorado - Boulder and her master's degree in public administration from the University of Colorado - Denver. 

"Increasing the Effectiveness of Internal Audits: Mitigating Communication Risk" by Julie Kowalski

Demands on internal auditors are hard enough without adding wasted time and energy on misunderstandings, incomplete communication, re-work, and strenuous follow-up.  This highly interactive and dynamic session will teach the new skills and behaviors required for effective communication.  It will cover how to leverage communications (up, down, and across functional areas) to save hours of re-work and frustration.  The session will discuss words to remove and add from your vocabulary, understanding how communication creates supportive or defensive environments, turning complaints into requests, framing communications positively, and influencing others to help them "see" differently.

"Emotional Intelligence for Interviews & Investigations" by Julie Kowalski

Emotional intelligence has become one of the hottest buzzwords in corporate America, yet not many auditors know exactly how to use emotional intelligence (EI) in interviews, investigations, and all of their professional responsibilities to achieve greater success.  Research has proven that EI is often more important than the technical skills required to get the job done.  However, few professionals know the five levels of EI and what their personal level is.  This session will discuss what EI is and is not, the five levels of EI and how to master each, why EI is critical to interviews, how a high level of EI can help you engage bosses and stakeholders, and how to leverage EI in your role.

Julie Kowalski

Julie Kowalski is a seasoned thought leader, consultant, executive coach, and facilitator.  She's also an energetic and spirited professional training.  Through her own work history, Julie has gained valuable insight and acumen into the science of what it takes to start and run successful businesses, as well as the art of earning and retaining customer and employee loyalty.  Julie maintains working relationships with a wide variety of business owners and executives, from small family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies.  Julie was named one of the "World's Most Creative Thinkers" by bestselling author Seth Godin (Purple Cow), and she possesses over 25 years of first-hand business experience.  Her accomplishments include personally starting and successfully managing multi-million dollar companies.

Julie's energy, lively style, sharing of stories to relate the concepts, as well as her command of her subject and passion for her topic, make her very easy to listen to and learn from.

"Why Audit Matters" by Senator Tim Neville

Special guest Colorado State Senator Tim Neville will provide his perspective, as Vice Chair of the Colorado Legislative Audit Committee, on the importance of internal audit in ensuring accountability, addressing significant risks, and helping organizations from all sectors continuously improve.


  • 7:15 - 8:00: Registration, Breakfast, and Announcements
  • 8:00 -11:45: Presentations
  • 11:45 - 1:00: Lunch and Networking
  • 1:00 - 4:30: Presentations


  • Member, Student, Retiree - $125 SPECIAL MEMBER PRICE! $25 (80% discount!)
  • Non-Member - $175
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Continental breakfast and full lunch included.

**Credit card payments must be processed online.  Only cash and checks are accepted at the door.**


Ample free parking is provided at this venue.

Cancellation Policy:

Registrants must provide notice of non-attendance by May 16, 2018 for a refund.  Cancellations after this date will not be refunded.  No-show registrants that have a balance due will be expected to provide full payment.