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Welcome to The Institute of Internal Auditors Denver

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May is Internal Audit Awareness Month and the Denver Chapter of the IIA is sponsoring several local competitions that will help you celebrate the Internal Audit profession while offering opportunities to learn more about what the IIA has to offer. Winners will be announced on the Denver Chapter Website on June 15th.



As part of IA Awareness Month, Senator Tim Neville requested that the Colorado Senate congratulate the Institute of Internal Auditors on celebrating their 77th anniversary and recognized the importance of the Internal Audit function within every organization.  Check out the pictures and proclamation here​.  Senator Neville will also be speaking at our May 22 event.  Be sure to attend! 

TIP: During May, customize your email signature and social media accounts with the International Internal Audit Awareness Month digital icon and a friendly quote: 
  • "May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month. Please ask me about it."
    "This month is International Internal Audit Awareness Month.  What can I do for YOU?"
  • "May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month.  Please stop by my office for a visit!"

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Visit the IIA website for additional resources to celebrate Internal Audit Awareness Month.

Prepare To Pass The CIA Exam With The IIA’s CIA Learning System.

If you’ve made the decision to enhance your career by earning the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) designation, the Denver Chapter can help you achieve your goals with The IIA’s CIA Learning System®.


The IIA’s CIA Learning System is an interactive print and online self-study review program designed by CIA-certified industry experts to help you learn, review, and apply the key CIA content. This approach will help you build on foundational elements of internal auditing to master key concepts you need to know to pass the CIA exam. This three-part program includes:

  • Comprehensive reading materials teaching the entire global CIA exam syllabus in both printed and e-book formats.
  • Interactive online study tools:
    • Pre- and post-tests to gauge your starting knowledge and advancements.
    • SmartStudy™ tools to help you create a customized study plan based on pre-test results.
    • Chapter quizzes to test your comprehension and retention.
    • Flashcards and glossary.
    • CIA practice exam to build confidence for the computer-based CIA exam.
    • Online reports to track your progress and performance.

For more information or to try a demo, visit

Members save up to US $100! Order today and save!


NEW! Beginning in 2018, two of every IIA-certified individual’s CPE/CPD credits must be earned in the Ethics category. While this is not a requirement for 2017, we recommend planning now to attain those credits in the coming year. Additional options for Ethics CPE will be announced in the coming months.​
Want to talk to policy-makers and stakeholders about the value IA provides?  Check out the IIA’s Value Proposition:  

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IIA Training Stations: Denver June 26-27