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 ACL Training and Cost Recovery Auditing

2/8/2013 8:00 AM
2/8/2013 5:00 PM
Portland Regency Hotel & Spa, 20 Milk Street, Portland, ME 04101 | Maine
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You are invited to participate in a full day training session followed by a social event. The training session will be presented in two formats, live event or webinar. The event is one full-day, 8 CPE split between ACL Training and Cost Recovery Auditing. The speaker Richard Lanza is a leading expert on ACL Training and Cost Recovery Auditing.
When: February 8, 2013
Where: Portland Regency Hotel & Spa, 20 Milk Street, Portland, ME 04101.
Breakfast, lunch and valet parking will be included. Combine with February 7, 2013 event and save 10%.
ACL Training
Course Outline
Why Re-Invent The Wheel!  Using the pre-written scripts as training tools, all facets of the ACL application will be explained from audit planning, data request, import, report writing, and script development.   The book, 101 ACL Applications: A Toolkit for Today’s Auditors will be provided to each attendee ($100 value).  Richard B. Lanza, the instructor, is a 20 year user of ACL and author of all of the listed publications
This Half-Day ACL Course is a hands-on and results driven to teach the use of ACL.  Based on the books (written by the instructor Richard B. Lanza), Payables Test Set for ACL, Revenue Test Set, and 101 ACL Applications, this course provides everything needed to report on data immediately! Select from over 100 ready-to-use report templates on disk in the areas of accounts payable, general ledger, payroll, inventory, accounts receivable, access control review, and asset management. Detailed information with report objectives and audit steps are included, giving users an interactive, hands-on ACL experience that can be quickly applied to their environment.
Learning Objectives
Attendees will be able to:
  • Document a data request for data that is needed for the audit.
  • Review data extracts and validate them for use.
  • Import, combine, and define various types of data into ACL SoftwareTM and understand the difference between the tables and implications for the import process:
    • Delimited, Spreadsheet, Fixed field, and Report files
    • Using top computed fields (SPLIT, TRIM functions, )
  • Build selective reports in ACL, using the pre-built scripts.
  • Learn how to build simple scripts in ACL and obtain some of Rich’s best practices for script development (i.e., file naming conventions, comment code, etc.).
It is preferred that attendees have a licensed copy of ACL and a laptop at the course in order to participate in the hands-on ACL training but is not required.
Cost Recovery Auditing
Course Outline
As companies look to gain efficiencies from business processes, keep costs down, and ensure less leakage in their expense streams, they look for assistance from auditors and technology. This session will focus on Cost Recoveries and the benefits of recovery engagements, assessing opportunities and risk, and proactive fraud audits.
Areas to be discussed in depth include reviews of accounts payable, utilities, healthcare, document fleet spend, leases, tax credits, cost segregation, strategic sourcing, project fraud, and others.
  • Learn to identify your company's hidden financial assets.
  • Provide tools to assist in cash recoveries, stop profit leaks, move away from control issues, and work towards process improvements.
  • Learn how to incorporate profit recovery technology.
Learning Objectives
  • Techniques for reviewing the trial balance to identify relative impacts for cost recovery, cost containment, and other business efficiencies.
  • Risk assessments based on your company’s control issues to identify the top areas of likelihood for recovery and process improvement.
  • See the breadth of profit recovery, cost containment and other consulting services with their respective benefits.
  • Identify new areas for recovery and improvement previously not considered by the company.
  • Understand the benefits, based on case studies, on how companies have saved millions.
  • Structure an engagement for optimal savings and learn lessons that can be instilled into the company as process improvements for future internal reviews.
  • Overcome obstacles to starting a recovery engagement.
Richard B. Lanza, CPA, CFE, PMP, is the President of Cash Recovery Partners, LLC, the author of twelve publications and, over 100 articles for major audit and accounting publications. With nearly two decades of experience in audit technology and recovery auditing, he has become a leading authority in these areas. He also provides training courses in audit software and recovery, including forty-three speaking engagements in the last eighteen months. He has consulted on how to save money through the use of technology and recovery auditing for companies ranging in size from $30 million to $30 billion.