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The IIA offers numerous benefits for members:
  • Members-only rates on conferences, seminars, and executive development through Vision University can save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Exclusive monthly Members-only Webinars are part of your core membership benefits and provide you with CPE units without ever leaving your desk or paying additional fees.
  • Members-only rates for other specialty webinars and self-study courses provide easy access to advance your knowledge from the convenience of your own desktop.



 Events In This Chapter



This one-day program will arm Internal Auditors with the tools, techniques and knowledge needed to monitor risk and overcome a crisis.


1. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Internal Audit – 2 hrs

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This session will review the risks associated with ERM, the interaction between ERM and Internal Audit, and how best to ensure there is alignment.


Definition of ERM

Risk Areas for ERM

The need for ERM

Obstacles for implementing ERM

How Internal Audit can help ERM

How ERM can help Internal Audit

2. Crisis and Change Management – Internal Audit Involvement – 2 hrs

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This session will review the implications and impacts of crisis management and organizational change management and what the internal auditor may need to do.


Definition: Reputation Integrity & Crisis

Crisis Management Planning

Crisis Management Execution

Audit’s Role

Definition: Organizational Change Management

Impacts on the organization

What may be needed from Internal Audit

3. Social Networking – Business, Compliance & Audit Implications – 2 hrs

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Most corporations have social media sites for their customers and clients. These sites could be sources of security risks for the company and the personnel using them. This session will discuss these issues from the corporation’s perspective and from the individual’s perspective.


What it is & How it is used

Survey Results

Various Issues

Audit & Control Implications

Risk Mitigation

John Gatto, IT Audit profession for well over 40 years. John retired from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois in January 2015 where he was Divisional Vice President of IT Audit.