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 Elearning - Statistical Sampling for Internal Auditors

3/25/2014 12:00 PM
3/28/2014 3:20 PM
Via Elearning Platform on Webex |
This course provides the opportunity to learn about the strategies and pitfalls regarding data collection facing auditors, as well as answers to some commonly asked questions.
The course includes different methods of random sampling (simple, stratified, dollar unit, stop/go) and non random sampling (quota, judgmental); explains how to calculate sample size and adjust for population size and resource constraints; and examines the concept of strategic sampling to get the most information for minimum cost, including how to combine results and extrapolate, and what to report.
The course, which is appropriate for audit executives, audit manager, and auditors in both public and private sectors, provides time for participants to raise issues and concerns they are currently facing in today’s environment and to apply what they have learned to audits currently underway, particularly typical challenges faced by auditors in sample selection, data interpretation, generalization, and representativeness.
Course Duration: Mar 25-28, from 12 noon to 3.20 ET each day.
CPE Hours Available: 16
Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Field of Study: Statistics

Facilitator:  Don Dickie

For more information, click on this link.   To register, click on the following link.

Fees:  $795 members / $895 non-members expiring February 25. Then $995 members / $1095 non-members after that date.