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Please join us on October 2nd as we welcome Acclaim Communications as our speakers. Our session promises to provide practical instruction and tools and techniques that can be immediately applied in our daily verbal and written communication activities:


Effective Writing - We will identify common types of writing used by internal audit professionals, including emails, audit reports and audit committee presentations.


Effective Facilitation - Internal meetings, audit client meetings, conference calls, WebEx sessions -- all have unique planning and execution requirements. The effectiveness of the facilitation drives the effectiveness of the meeting itself. We will discuss and practice the process for facilitating various types of meetings. This will include navigating through the agenda, optimizing dialogue and engagement, confirming results and defining follow up activities.


Effective Presentations - Very few people enjoy getting up and making presentations, but as we advance in our professions this becomes increasingly more important. Whether you’re delivering a retirement speech or conveying critical issues to an audit committee; it is important to understand and apply key attributes of an effective speech. This includes defining your objective, knowing your audience, preparing content, and most importantly knowing your personal delivery style. We will discuss how best to synchronizing these attributes into a replicable approach that allows consistent delivery of an effective speech.


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