Chapter Officers and Board of Governors
Name Title Email
Rachel Snell President
Meghan Kennedy Vice-President (1st VP)
Yuliya Poutkaradze Vice-President (2nd VP)
Steven Vengrow Vice-President - Programs
Jenny Nguyen Treasurer
Nicole Ungaro Secretary
Jonathan Jayasinghe Past President
Roy Currington Governon
Chip Clark Governor
Tiffany Bui Governor
Barnaby Wang Governor
Jason James Governor

David Pepper Governor

Chapter Committees and Chairpersons
Name Title ​Email
Rachel Snell Employment Committee
Quyen Ngo Webmaster
Joelle Nguyen Newsletter Editor
Gail Nishida Membership Committee
Gail Nishida MMT Administrator
Andy Field Auditor
Barnaby Wang Academic Relations Committee
Raj Sawhney Academic Committee Chair;
Jenelle Franklin Registration Committee
Steven Vengrow CAP Committee
Corporate Sponsorship Committee
Advocacy Committee
Cecilia Pham CAE Roundtable
Steven Vengrow Programs Committee​
Registration Team Registration Committee