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Bridgewater NJ Area

 Internal Auditor - Pharmaceutical

Company:  Pharmaceutical       
Job Title:  Internal Auditor
Education:  BS Accounting
Location:                  Bridgewater NJ Area
Salary/Benefits:  $80,000 - $110,000 + Bonus eligible
Get familiar with
  • The Group environment
  • Pharmaceutical environment, Group organization,
  • Group key processes, and the related procedures and standards.
  • The standard audit programs for the audited cycles and processes to be able to adjust them according to the audited entity specificities.
Ensure a risk-based approach all along the assignment
Preparation phase:
Carry on a preliminary risk assessment according to the main specific risks highlighted through interviews with Corporate Support functions and data analysis.
Ensure that the audit strategy supports the risk analysis update (interview, examination, observation, re-performance) with an appropriate level of evidences.
All along the assignment:
Assess the efficiency of the internal control systems taking into account potential risks associated to the Group evolution (integrations, new operating models, new
Perform a reliable audit work on each assignment:
Carry on the audit strategy by performing interviews and testing (control of data accuracy) and adjust it accordingly (work program priorities, test coverage, sampling…).
Highlight internal control deficiencies and improvement areas for the audited cycles and processes and:
  • Collect and gather relevant audit evidences,
  • Identify the deficiencies cause,
  • Assess the deficiencies consequences and the associated level of risk.
  • Report and synthesize the results of the assignment in the audit report
  • Write the descriptive part related to the audited cycles and processes,
  • Write audit findings, recommendations and best practices,
Suggest the recommendation ranking, an implementation deadline and the persons responsible for the action plan.
Comply with the quality standards as well as audit professional norms defined by the Internal Audit Management:
  • Document audit fieldwork and results in the dedicated IS tool,
  • Ensure the documentation “audit trail”,
  • Meet the deadlines.
Ensure an efficient communication
Perform a relevant debrief to the auditees on the findings, recommendations and conclusions of the audit review, in particular:
  • The associated risk,
  • The deficiencies cause,
  • The expected action plans and the relevance of the timing of their implementation.
Spread the internal control Best Practices identified
Share information efficiently and facilitate communication within the audit team
Keep up-to-date the Team Leader about the completion of the audit fieldwork, and in particular by notifying sensitive topics
Update, on a regular basis, the Internal Audit Management about the fieldwork status and the audit results, and play a role of alert when deemed necessary
Be involved in the following Internal Audit activities
Work groups (Coordination and Thematic groups) which aim are respectively to ensure an interaction with corporate expert functions and support the Internal Audit methodology
Participate in the reporting of our activities to Corporate functions,
Exchange with Corporate functions on organization, procedures and guidelines,
Suggest ways of improvement in our internal processes.
Participate in internal trainings on standard audit programs
Provide support to the Internal Audit Management on the audit plan process and on specific assignment prescoping
Please contact Patrick F. Luddy at the following:
Gateway Search Associates
215-375-7153 (Direct)
215-694-1239 (Cell)