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Chester County, PA

 SOX Controls Manager - Distribution Company


Distribution Company
SOX Controls Manager
115K-120K + 10% Bonus
Chester County
Job Responsibilities
Process Management
    Formally assess the current environment through coordination and attendance of walkthroughs; Understanding
the reasoning for the in scope applications, tools, cycles, accounts and entities
    Oversee the adherence to IA’s sampling and testing methodology, and Identify and clearly define audit issues and
root causes
    Resolve all documented findings to the determination of deficiency or not.  Escalate any conflicts of opinion as
    Develop the annual calendar for BP and IT validation that considers:
o    in scope entities, accounts, applications and cycles
o    new developments in the business and accordingly the control environment
o    dependencies on Internal Controls teams’ work
o    quarterly requirements of management’s attestation
o    conflicting priorities of control owners and other partners
    Maintain oversite of testing requests and escalate any responsiveness issues when appropriate
People Management
    Operate as a champion of the Internal Audit vision and strategy and establish effective relationships with external
service providers, internal controls teams, and control owners and their management
    Forecast hours effort required given in scope entities, cycles and applications
    Effectively communicate required effort to outsource providers to assign the proper resources to meet deadlines
    Assess performance and effectiveness of outsource provider talent and communicate and adjust as appropriate;
establish and enforce the rules of engagement with outsource providers
    Creatively resolve resource conflicts with multiple providers and reprioritize work to accomplish deadlines
    Establish a budget given known work and continue to reassess effort to stay in line with budget or communicate
variances to budget
    Actively build the capability of others through relevant, timely balanced feedback; coaching and teaching,
encouraging mentoring relationships; and using recognition and rewards to reinforce desirable behaviors
Patrick F. Luddy Jr
Director of Recruiting
Gateway Search Associates
215-375-7153 (Direct)
215-694-1239 (Cell)