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 President's Message -Warren Hersh

To our valued members:

It is an honor and a privilege to serve you as President of our great Chapter for the 2017-2018 year! I look forward to continuing the great tradition of the Chapter.  I was first exposed to the Chapter in 2009 at the Regional Conference where I had a chance to meet the members of the Board of Governors as well as many of the members.   I was very impressed with their passion for the profession and the success of the Chapter.  I then volunteered to work on the conference committees and then was elected to the Board a few years later.  In fact, this year I am the Track Chair for the Public Sector track for the 2017 International Conference in Sydney, Australia.

The Executive Team and the Board have hit the ground running to set up a road map for the Chapter year.  We have developed a Strategic Plan which supports the IIA North American strategic goals for driving professionalism, advocacy, sustainable value, and the IIA as a leader.  To this end, we have developed Chapter strategies to support these goals.  

Some of the initiatives include:

·      Grow the participation and engagement of our Chapter members through valuable programming and events.

·      Promote fiscal responsibility by looking for efficient ways to deliver Chapter services.

·      Continue to develop the involvement of our younger members through the development of a NextGen program and continue the great work of our Academic Relations Committee.

·      Implement the recommendation of our Events Task force which is taking a fresh look at how we deliver our services to our members.

·      Grow the reach of the profession and the Chapter through advocacy efforts and social media presence.

·      Continue to engage our CAEs through targeted events.

The key to all of this is - YOU – as a member of our great Chapter.  The Board serves you and strives to deliver great services – but we need your engagement.

·      Consider volunteering to help and support the Chapter’s efforts – the more the merrier – and we will always find a place for everyone to contribute. (Please respond when the Call for Volunteers comes out or email me directly at the address below.)

·      Encourage your colleagues to attend Chapter events (we have some great things planned and are working on more!).

​Some of the exciting events we have planned are:

·      August 30 – Member Appreciation Phillies Game and CPE Event ($45 for CPE, Game, Food – Great opportunity for team building at a great price!)

·      September – CAE Event – Stay tuned!

·      October 24 – 8 CPE all day event (We are working on a great program – hold the date!)

·      November 20 – Annual Fall Conference: “Agile, Adaptive & Responsive in Times of Uncertainty” - Save the date!

·      December 18 – Annual IT event – hold the date!

Stay tuned for more exciting CAE, social and other events as the year progresses.

Again – I am very excited about the Chapter year and working with the Board and the Chapter members to deliver great services for the Chapter and the profession.  We can't do it alone, so don’t hesitate to email me directly with your suggestions, comments, emotional outbursts or your desire to help the Chapter by volunteering.

My email is and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards and I look forward to seeing and meeting each of you at one of our events.


Warren Hersh, CPA, CIA, CISA, CFE, CCSA

President, Philadelphia IIA Chapter