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 Chapter Leaders

Officers Reports to Name Company
President BOG Rachel Lewis Mutual of Omaha
President Elect BOG Andrea Meyer Mutual of Omaha
First Vice President President Nicholas Petersen SAC Federal Credit Union
Second Vice President President Laura Langford OPPD
Secretary President Laurel Tague Werner
Treasurer President April Nerz TD Ameritrade
Assistant Treasurer President Megan Palmer Union Pacific
Committee Reports to Name Company
Communications Chair Secretary Victoria White Mutual of Omaha
Social Media Chair CC John Sturgeon TDAmeritrade
Website Chair Secretary David Medeiros First National Bank of Nebraska
Programs Chair 1st VP
  PC Amanda Ruh First National
  PC Adam McAlpine Wells-Blue Bunny
  PC Tina Collett First National Bank of Nebraska
Awards Chair Treasurer Colin Spicka OPPD
Membership Chair Secretary Hugh Spellman Retired
  MC Brian Fleer Mutual of Omaha
Academic Relations Co-Chair 2nd VP Kevin Hitchcock AGP
Academic Relations Co-Chair 2nd VP Saima Rahmanzai First National Bank of Nebraska
  ARC Tiffany Morris TDAmeritrade
Audit Co-Chair BOG Carl Mathis Gordman's
Audit Co-Chair BOG Anisha Chandra Gordman's
Hospitality Co-Chair 1st VP Kyle Hampton Union Pacific
Hospitality Co-Chair 1st VP Barbara Orr Union Pacific 
  HC John Sturgeon TDAmeritrade
  HC Josh Boesch Hemphill Search Group, Inc.
Conference Co-Chair   Tonya Arnold Tornquist ACI World Wide
Conference Co-Chair   Laura Langford OPPD
Sponsorship   Jason Coyle Mutual of Omaha
Sponsorship   Jeff Woodward Mutual of Omaha
Long Term Planning Chair Pres Elect Hugh Spellman Retired
  LTPC Irene Burson First National Bank
  LTPC Mike Head TD Ameritrade
  LTPC Donna White Werner
  LTPC Rachel Lewis Mutual of Omaha
  LTPC Barbara Orr Union Pacific