Welcome to the Atlanta Chapter of the IIA. As one of the larger Chapters of the IIA; we sponsor over 38 events a year with an estimated 2,800 attendees. As advocates of the profession, we distribute over 12 pages annually on Internal Auditing that goes to 180,000 readers of the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The Chapter provides training at monthly meetings and annually at The Atlanta Conference (TAC) as well as sponsoring scholarships as part of the annual Case Competition for students across the state of Georgia. There are various professional networking forums including the CAE and the Directors Roundtables. We welcome you to the Atlanta Chapter and encourage you to take active part in the Chapter and to be an advocate of the profession.

Take a few minutes to read our mission statement, review the website sections concerning attending a meeting, how to volunteer for activities or upcoming training that may be of interest.

The IIA Atlanta Chapter has its mission to be the premier professional association, as a Platinum chapter, dedicated to the promotion, advocacy, and development of the practice of internal auditing in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area. This shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

Providing comprehensive professional development activities to include meetings and other events to educate members and others in the field of internal auditing;


  • Programs
    • The Atlanta Conference with over 600 attendees
    • Eleven monthly CPE meetings with over 1,000 attendees
    • Joint meetings with ISACA and ACFE with over 180 attendees
    • CIA review course in the spring and fall
  • Roundtables
    • Quarterly CAE Roundtables with over 25 attendees
    • Fortune 500 CAE Roundtables with the 17 Georgia Fortune 500 represented 
    • CAE direct Reports Roundtables
  • Young Professionals
    • Two CPE events
    • Two networking events
    • Two community care events
  • Workshops – leadership, reporting writing, IT, data analytics, presentations skills, ERM, critical thinking
  • Awards and Recognition - Annual IIA Atlanta awards event; The CO Hollis certifications honor roll awards event


Promoting the Institute of Internal Auditor’s certifications and enabling our members to earn the Certified Internal Auditor designation;


  • Bi-annual CIA Review course usually
  • Invest long-term in program development of sustainable CIA review course


    Researching, disseminating, and promoting to its members and to the public, knowledge and information concerning internal auditing, governance, risk management, internal control and related subjects; and,

    • The annual (12 page) special section in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, since  2009, which is read by over 180,000 business leaders in Atlanta. 
    • Relationships with other key professional associations, in addition to ACFE and ISACA
    • CFO engagement and involvement of key stakeholders 
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     Working with colleges and universities to promote the Internal Audit profession to their students and faculty to include promoting the Internal Audit Education Partnership Program:

    • The annual case competition at Kennesaw State University
    • The annual student day at Kennesaw State University with over 150 attendees
    • Continued annual scholarship awards of approximately $4,000
    • Research and publication in “A” journals on emerging areas of internal audit focus
    • Working with the IIA Global on long-term opportunities to obtain grants and research with KSU
    • Strengthen relationships with key Georgia universities to stay connected to our future employees and academic research