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The IIA Boise Chapter Needs Your Help!

We have asked for help in the past, but your help has never been needed more than it is now.  In fact, without your urgent help, the Boise Chapter would have a very difficult time continuing to operate in the near future.

As a general rule, IIA chapters have between five to 20 officers; mostly as a result of former officers’ job relocations, the Boise chapter currently has three; starting in March 2015, it will actually have only two officers.  To address this situation, we are asking for your help.

  1. We are first of all asking you to take a few minutes to participate in a short survey that addresses the future of the chapter; to participate, please visit the following link before Feb. 13, 2015:
  2. We are then asking you to seriously consider stepping forward and becoming involved in a leadership role with the Boise IIA chapter; when doing this, please keep in mind that such a role would only require about five to seven hours a month, while also providing numerous personal and professional benefits.

We are looking forward to hearing from you at or during one of our upcoming luncheons!  Thank you!

Boise IIA Chapter Leadership


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