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 Calgary Luncheon - Understanding and Mitigating IT Risk

9/25/2013 11:30 AM
9/25/2013 1:00 PM
Calgary Fairmont Palliser Hotel 133 - 9th Avenue SW |  
Understanding and Mitigating IT Risk
Of all the investments that your enterprise will make, the investments in IT are among the most risky.  Why is this? What can you do about it?
IT is a unique functional area with discrete characteristics. We have identified the Five Roots of IT Risk: five characteristics of IT that create uncertainty. These five Roots combine to create a multitude of IT risks that can impact the company. Understanding these Roots allows you to more easily identify risks, the first step in risk management.
In order to mitigating IT risk, you need a plan. You have a marketing, growth, and business plan. You need a TECHNOLOGY PLAN to match your needs and minimize risk. In this presentation you will learn:
·         The Five Roots of IT Risk.
·         The myriad of risks that the five roots propagate.
·         The components of an IT plan, including:
o   Your current and future business needs.
o   The available solutions.
o   The IT assets you have.
o   Aligning solutions with your needs.
·         How to get started.
About the Speaker:
Jonathan Nituch is a bilingual Senior IT Manager with 17 years of technical experience and 12 years of management experience.  His career is focused on using strategic planning to align systems with business needs.  A Project Management Professional and Certified Business Analysis Professional, he uses several tools and techniques to develop a clear and formal understanding of how businesses work and what they need from technology to be most effective and profitable.  Jonathan has managed several large implementation projects of both IT infrastructure and ERP applications. Jonathan teaches business analysis and project management at several Canadian post-secondary institutions.