Membership Appreciation Plan (MAP)


The purpose of the MAP is to give back to our members and show our appreciation to those members who regulary support the Central MO IIA Chapter during the fiscal year. Members that meet the requirements are invited to a special event to network and share some fun with fellow members. Lunch is served at the event, an hour of FREE CPE is provided, and many doorprizes are given to attendees. Doorprizes are based on points awarded for supporting the Chapter as noted below. Please notify a board member if you have done any of the items below or performed a task that should be considered. Points will be distributed to those members based on the schedule below. Other volunteer actions may be eligible for tickets ~ just contact an IIA officer to find out

Points Awarded​ ​Description of Volunteer Effort
​1 ​Meet and greet attendees at a seminar / Pass out seminar hand-outs
1​ ​Help with food coordination
1​ ​Help set up / clean up after a seminar
​1 ​Introduce a speaker at a seminar
​1 ​Obtaining copies of seminar hand-outs for a seminar
​1 ​Distribute CPE certificates / Parking Passes at a seminar
​1 ​Taking pictures at a seminar
​1 ​Recruiting a new member
​1 ​Propose a speaker and contact information
​1 ​Be in charge of the door prizes at a seminar - includes picking up the gift card and
awarding the prize(s)
​1 ​Member presents CPE to the Chapter (1 ticket for each CPE)
​1 ​Donate to a special collection at an event (School Supplies, Food Drive, etc.)
​2 ​Tally the evaluation sheets after a seminar and report the results to VP of
​2 ​Serve and actively participate and contribute as a committee member
​2 ​Propose a speaker who presents to the Chapter
​2 ​Coordinate a Speaker
​3 ​Pass any IIA sponsored exam (if you pass an exam after the appreciation lunch
then the tickets will be applied to the next fiscal year).
​3 ​Unpaid speaking engagements – i.e. talking to a group about auditing (please
notify the President so the chapter gets CAP points)
​3 ​Submit an article for the Central IIA Chapter newsletter
​3 ​Perform the annual audit
​3 ​Track the CPE sheets at the seminars
5 ​Arrange a speaker for a seminar
​5 ​Serve as an IIA Board Member
​5 ​Track the points awarded to members for the Appreciation Plan
​8 ​Having an article published in the Internal Auditor Magazine (please notify the President for CAP points)
​8 ​Serve as an IIA Officer or Webmaster
​8 ​Managing the Chapter database
​8 ​Complete the CAP forms


Contact one of the IIA officers or board members if you are interested in supporting the chapter.