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 IIA Seminar in New York City

4/14/2015 9:00 AM
4/17/2015 5:00 PM
New York City, New York.  MicroTek Training Facility |  

Top Internal Audit courses offered in New York City

Developed and facilitated by seasoned internal audit professionals, IIA Seminars courses will provide you with the skills you need to drive results:

When: April 14–17, 2015

Where: New York City, New York. MicroTek Training Facility


For more information and registration on the courses offered, click on course name below. To register, look for the New York April listing on the right side of the Course Description page and click on Register.

NEW! COSO-based Internal Auditing


Leverage the COSO frameworks and contribute value to strategic business planning and governance, as well as the execution, monitoring, and adaptation of audit processes.

Beginning Auditor Tools and Techniques


A must for all entry-level internal auditors, learn preliminary surveying and evidence-gathering techniques to conduct a successful audit.

Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors


For internal auditors who want to understand and expand their role related to financial reporting, as well as those who simply need a “refresher” course on financial accounting concepts.

Audit Manager Tools and Techniques


Provides new managers with the skills they need to lead effectively in an internal auditing environment, including maintaining lines of communication with the CAE and executive management, problem solving while motivating a team, and delegating tasks.

Enterprise Risk Management: An Introduction


Improve your understanding of ERM and the COSO ERM framework, and come up to speed with current issues, challenges, and emerging practices regarding risk management, control, and governance processes.

Value-added Business Controls: The Right Way to Manage Risk


Staff and senior auditors with one year or less of experience, as well as non-auditors, will learn to use controls to detect and prevent fraud, design cost-effective control systems, identify “hard” and “soft” controls, and analyze existing control systems.

Operational Auditing: Influencing Positive Change


Learn to employ methods, tools, and skills to collect and analyze operational information and data, identify causes of issues and risk exposures, and develop solutions to enhance operational performance.

Lean Six Sigma Tools for Internal Audit Planning


Covers basic Lean Six Sigma tools that can be used during the planning phase of an internal audit to enhance audit effectiveness, provide deeper insights into business operations, and identify process streamlining opportunities.

Analyzing and Improving Business Processes


Hands-on applications using case studies and the participants’ understanding of their own processes to employ effective tools and techniques used in any process analysis engagement.

Leadership Skills for Auditors


Audit leaders, supervisors, and managers will learn tools and techniques for cultivating and maintaining an effective and efficient team and keeping them motivated and efficient through the entire audit process.

Lean Six Sigma Tools for Internal Audit Fieldwork


Participants will be exposed to basic Lean Six Sigma tools to enhance audit effectiveness, provide deeper insight into business operations, and identify process streamlining opportunities.

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