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 Chapter Strikes Gold


For the 17th year in a row, our Chapter has achieved the CAP GOLD designation. As of March 31, 2012 our CAP
point total was 1,772—more than 200 points above the GOLD designation threshold.  Congratulations to our current Chapter President,Shannon Fisher, and her hardworking team, who made thispossible.

CAP recognizes chapters that provide exceptional service to their members, and our Chapter year after year
reaches this highest level. All Chapter members can contribute. The Chapter gets credit when you give a talk or lead training (for which you are not paid) related to internal auditing; these events can be inside or outside your own organization. We also get credit when you publish an article on an internal audit topic. In fact, we get credit even when you just submit an article to certain publications. Contact the CAP Chair, Dan Zeppetello, at or (315) 475-0852.