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 Student Membership Discount

You may not have considered a career in internal
auditing, or even know what it is, but if you’re
looking for a REAL opportunity, consider this:
Risk, fraud, and organizational effectiveness are
just a few of the areas you’ll cover.
Employers actively seek you out, rather than the
other way around.
Advancement opportunities are truly limitless in
this growing profession.
Life-balance, higher starting salaries, and travel
opportunities are just a few of the possible perks.
How do you access this world of opportunity? Join
The IIA for just $35 as a student member and start
building a network of relationships and a base of
knowledge that can help you build a solid future.
For less money than you would spend on a night
out, you can connect with an organization full of
future employers and an arsenal of unparalleled
information related to your future career.
HURRY -  After 10/31/13 the cost of annual student membership will return to $70.
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