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 Increasing Auditor Effectiveness in Recognizing and Detecting Fraud

Chapter Training
4/8/2014 8:30 AM
4/8/2014 4:30 PM
EDEN RESORT, Lancaster | Pennsylvania
Event:                   Increasing Auditor Effectiveness in Recognizing & Detecting Fraud
Speakers:            Courtenay M. Thompson, Jr.
 Date:                    April 8, 2014
Time:                    8:30 AM – 4:30 PM 
Lunch will be provided
Place:                    EDEN RESORT
222 Eden Road, Lancaster, PA  17601
CPE:                       8 Credits
Cost:                      $ 149 Members
$ 169 Non-Members
$   99 Students
Registration:  Please email your registration information to Donna Eyler at
Please include the following registration information:
1.       Name
2.       Company
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4.       IIA Member #
5.       Any special requests (food allergies, etc.)
Internal auditors and public accountants are under fire.  Some doubt their ability or willingness to detect fraud.  There seems to be an increasing expectation that internal auditors detect fraud in routine audits.  Yet most auditors get very little fraud training.  Standards for auditors, including those issued by the IIA, AICPA, and government, call for auditors to be knowledgeable about fraud exposures and symptoms of fraud in areas audited.  This one-day course provides specific approaches and steps to help auditors in recognizing and detecting fraud.  It is a "how to" course which presents suggestions for detection and for creating an environment that promotes discovery of fraud.
Learning Objectives
Participants will:
·         Know basic fraud concepts,
·         Understand why fraud goes undetected by auditors and management,
·         Discover a practical role for auditors in fraud detection,
·         Understand how to build fraud detection into routine audit activity,
·         Recognize behavioral red flags of fraud,
·         Know common and uncommon purchasing related exposures to fraud,
·         Understand the impact of the current technology environment on fraud exposures,
·         Understand how auditors use technology to bring fraud to the surface,
·         Understand practical approaches to prevention of fraud.
Course Content:
·         Establishing an environment for handling fraud
o   Understanding management response
o   Establishing a policy for fraud
·         The Five Step Approach to Fraud Detection
·         Understanding what can go wrong
·         Recognizing symptoms of fraud occurrence
·         Using and misusing red flags of fraud
·         Using data mining for fraud detection
·         Understanding fraud in purchasing
·         A model for controlling contracts and grants
·         The Four Step Approach to Fraud Prevention
Mr. Thompson is a recognized authority on training managers, auditors and investigators in fraud-related matters.  He has designed and presented courses on fraud prevention, detection and investigation for business and government organizations worldwide.  His courses are known for providing practical, proven approaches to real problems.  These practical approaches have yielded dramatic results for class attendees.
Although best known for training auditors in effectively meeting the challenge of fraud, Courtenay also develops and conducts courses on improving audit effectiveness, audit interviewing, behavior and communication skills, and contract auditing.  He is the co-developer with R. L. Townsend, of a series of courses on audit and control of construction costs.  He is also co-developer with Richard Stohl of a series of courses on audit and control of health benefits administration.  For 13 years, Mr. Thompson was editor of "Fraud Findings" in The Internal Auditor magazine.
Mr. Thompson's experience prior to entering the consulting field includes public accounting, audit supervisor for consumer financial services for a large retailer, and director of auditing for a life insurance company.  His career in public accounting and internal auditing provided exposure to a number of types of impropriety including embezzlement, insurance fraud, loan fraud, stock fraud, kickbacks and bribery, misappropriation of funds and mail fraud.
In addition to personally detecting and investigating suspected fraud cases; he established corporate policies for fraud and trained other auditors in fraud detection and investigation.  Responsibilities included working with top management and reporting to the audit committee on the status of open cases.  He has worked closely with legal counsel, law enforcement and prosecutors.
Courtenay Thompson received his BBA and MBA degrees from Southern Methodist University and is a Certified Public Accountant.  He is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc., the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants.