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January Meeting

JANUARY 13, 2016


Join us at the Fat Man's on January 13, 2016!

11:30 AM Registration

12:00 Lunch and Keynote Presentation by (TBA)

Fraud and th​e P-Card

How to Monitor P-Card Transaction Continously 

To Minimize Fraud, Waste and Abuse



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CSRA IIA Student Case Competition Shapes Up!
Kathy Boyd is working on another academic relations project with local colleges and universities in the CSRA.  Borrowing from her experiences with Atlanta's IIA's Internal Audit Case Competition, students will work on a case in groups, submit a written answer to several key questions and the finalists will present their report to judges for a chance for recognition and rewards.  

We are looking for sponsors for the program at three levels.  The sponsorships will enable us to provide a monetary award for the three winning teams.  The case competition will conclude with at our March luncheon, where students and members will join us for a Panel discussion of employment trends for recent graduates.

Please contact Kathy Boyd at if you are interested in serving or have ideas or leads on sponsoring the awards, the student lunches, etc. Encourage your students to be on the look out for announcements coming in January at their school.​

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Thank You To Our Leaders
I want to thank our officers and board of directors for their dedication and hard work over these first three years of the IIA Chapter!

I'd like to extend a special thanks to all those that do the work behind the scenes, some deserve a special mention, like Rufus Copeland, our Treasurer. Rufus has organized our bank account records, put controls in place, prepared for and endured two annual audits.  

Then there's Kathy Boyd, who has been Active with a Capital A, since the chartering of the chapter.  I'll also give special thanks for Debbie Hawkes at University Hospital and Loran Adams at Georgia Bank and Trust for their leadership as well.   I know there are lots of special people that attend all of our meetings and are the hearts and hands that make the meetings work. 

Then there's YOU!  Thank You for your interest and volunteering to help out a chapter events, and attending and supporting the new chapter.  

President:         Clay Sprouse
V. President:     Linda Lamar
Secretary:        Deborah Hawkes
Treasurer:        Rufus Copeland

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