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 Oracle Database Security and Audit - Moving Beyond Checklists

Chapter Training
3/25/2014 8:00 AM
3/25/2014 5:00 PM
Doubletree by Hilton Charlotte Airport |
Oracle database systems are central information stores and processing platforms for many types of corporate data - credit card data, protected health information (PHI), personal identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, etc.
Many organizations apply a checklist approach to securing Oracle databases and data. The focus of this talk is to move beyond a checklist approach to an understanding of what is important in Oracle database security and why these things are important.
In this seminar we will explore the following topics:
• The architecture of Oracle database and how the database engine secures the data.
• How data flows through an Oracle database instance.
• The implementation of authentication and authorization.
• The effect of system privileges, roles, and object permissions on data access.
• Oracle audit capabilities and other audit strategies
• IT control strategies
• More
Ron Reidy has been involved with Oracle technologies for 30 years.  Starting as a C, Pro*C and Oracle forms (SQL*Forms) developer on various operating system platforms, including CP/M, MS-DOS, VAX/VMS, Mac OS 7, Windows 3.1, and many flavors of UNIX--such as Solaris, AiX, Pyramid, HP-UX, and Linux).  After 15 years as a developer, Ron switched roles to Oracle database administration.  After 10 years of DBA work, he switched to security and audit. 
Ron has performed Oracle security audits for on-line retailers, health care providers, universities and financial institutions; and he has provided Oracle security and audit training to many organizations and individuals.  Ron is also a long-time partner in the U.S. to Oracle security guru Pete Finnegan in the U.K.