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 Enhanced Communication Skills for Auditors

11/15/2013 1:00 PM
11/15/2013 5:00 PM
AGL Resources - Naperville, IL (1844 Ferry Road, Naperville 60563) |  


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Enhanced Communication Skills for Auditors (4 Hours)

Effective auditors must simultaneously be skilled in the art of negotiation, handling difficult communications, resolving conflict, establishing high levels of trust and credibility, articulating complicated ideas, and gaining influence.  All of these tasks require excellent communication skills, and armed with behavioral science, you will be able to build and master these critical skills in the audit context.

Behavioral research shows that effective communication is reliant on accurate perceptions of others, and that nonverbal cues, word choice, and our ability to match the communication style of our audience is critical to our success.   This presentation uses the latest behavioral research and interactive exercises to identify the most effective communication methods, increase our accuracy in perceiving others, gain a greater understanding of how we are perceived, and enhancing our skills that work well while recognizing and adjusting the methods that need improvement.


      Greatly enhancing your trust and credibility

      Handling difficult communications

      Effective negotiation skills

      Effectively handling conflict and diffusing contentious situations

      Powerful methods of verbal and non-verbal communication

      The art of accurately portraying your intentions

 Objectives:  This presentation uses behavioral science to integrate communication skills with accounting and auditing concepts.  Participants will be able to identify and understand behavioral concepts in communication and apply them to auditing, accounting and governance situations, as well as using these concepts to assist in team effectiveness and cultural improvement.  

Who will benefit:  Auditors, controllers, CPA’s, CAE’s, CIO’s, CEO’s,  compliance and risk managers, ethics officers, and anyone wanting to improve their skills by understanding the behavioral science associated with organizational risk and culture.  

CPE credit hours: 4 hours

Level: Beginner to advanced

                                               Toby Groves - Speaker Bio

With his work and story featured on NPR, in the CPA Journal, and studied by business schools around the country, Toby Groves presents groundbreaking research in engaging and entertaining demonstrations for professional and academic interests. His presentations are an eye-opening, “must see” for anyone interested in understanding the fascinating psychological science behind our organizational behaviors, and particularly those involved in auditing, governance, culture, compliance, or leadership.


Educated in psychology and forensic accounting, Groves researches the roles that individual and group psychology play in aberrant organizational behaviors. The results shattered his long held assumptions about the processes behind these events. Using groundbreaking research, interactive demonstrations, and a compelling personal story, Groves inspires audiences around the country to think differently and make real progress towards understanding and improving our processes.