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Thursday January 14, 2016

8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Beyond the Checklist: Excellence in Auditing


Presenters: Toby Groves
Registration fee: $120  

Location:      DeVry

3005 Highland Parkway, Downers Grove, IL 60515


8 hour​s CPE Credit


Whether it’s the “one size fits all” trap or the “more information is always better” bias, invisible influences cause us to continue using outdated procedures and misdiagnose new risks.  We assume that more information, sophisticated methods of analysis, and greater experience will lead us to the most accurate decisions, but surprisingly ten experts given the same information can end with ten dramatically different conclusions.  Attendees will participate in highly interactive exercises that expose bugs in thinking and give them the tools to examine and improve their judgment.                


Additionally, interpersonal skills and the ability to adapt to changing situations are critical competencies.  These important skills increase efficiency, support audit quality and reduce the likelihood of missing critical information. This presentation will delve into the latest behavioral research showing how to most effectively interpret, translate and communicate our results and have the greatest positive impact for our clients, our firms, and ourselves.


·         Evaluating control procedures from a “dynamic” perspective
·         How to limit biases in our interpretations of valuation and the effectiveness of control procedures
·         Assessing proper auditor skepticism and how tone at the top and corporate culture affect audit planning and procedures
·         Recognize the early signs indicating a need for change in procedures
·         The new science of team-building for audit teams
·         How to translate complicated data for stakeholders of all levels
·         Understand why experience is not the root of good professional judgment
·         Recognizing how biases and assumptions affect estimates and outcomes
·         Critical thinking in audit planning, preparation, performance, and communication


Objectives:  This presentation uses behavioral science to integrate “Soft Skills” with accounting and auditing concepts.  Designed for new auditors and accounting staff, participants will be able to identify and understand behavioral concepts and apply them to auditing, accounting and governance situations.


​Who will benefit:  New CPA's, staff auditors, staff accountants, those adapting to new duties or audit teams, and others desiring to improve their skills by understanding the behavioral science associated with organizational risk and culture.  
© 2015 Toby Groves


Speaker Bio:
Toby Groves is an independent researcher and speaker on organizational psychology and critical thinking.  Using his concept of dynamic thinking, Toby helps audiences achieve dramatic advances in thinking through insight and perspective shifts.  His research includes a fascination with change blindness and observer variability, such as how experts following identical procedures reach contradictory conclusions.
​Trained in a unique combination of forensic psychology, forensic accounting and behavioral research methods, Groves has an MS in industrial-organizational psychology and is known for his use of innovative psychological techniques and extraordinary transparency of his own life experiences as part of his work.  Toby’s work, story and commentary have been featured on media outlets such as NPR, in professional industry journals, and studied by business schools around the country. 

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