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 Award Categories


​William C. Anderson - Member of the Year

The IIA Chicago Chapter's most prestigious award, recognizing the individual who has made the most outstanding volunteer contribution to the Chapter during the current year. Candidates who have consistently demonstrated exceptional work for our Chapter will be considered.

Special Recognition

Given to the member(s) who have either made a significant volunteer contribution during the current year, or who have provided significant and consistent service to the IIA and Chicago Chapter over a number of years.

Auditor of the Year

A unique award, not related to volunteering with IIA Chicago Chapter, but rather focusing on the day-to-day performance as an internal audit professional. This award celebrates the value that the individual and our profession has recently brought to their organization. It is awarded to an internal auditor who directly and significantly contributed to their organization via examples such as fraud discoveries, control improvements, new risk assessment methodologies, revenue leakage findings, expense savings, continuous monitoring processes, or compliance and regulation controls.

New Member of the Year

Awarded for the outstanding contributions made by a new member of the IIA, new IIA Chicago Chapter BOG member, Officer, or other Chapter volunteer during the current year.

Outstanding Committee Chairperson of the Year

There are a large number of volunteers working in our chapter within a structured format that includes Chairpersons overseeing committees and numerous members. These are invaluable individuals within our chapter and this award recognizes the highest performing Chairperson during the current year.

Educator of the Year

Awarded to a Chicagoland educator who has made a significant contribution to the internal audit profession either in the classroom or during research.


Chicago Chapter Awards


2018 Recipients

​​ William C. Anderson  Member of the Year​ ​Corbin Del Carlo
Special Recognition​ ​Liz Korn
Auditor of the Year​ ​Robert Slay​
​​Committee Chairperson of the Year ​Natalie Covello​
​​Special Recognition ​John Hall

*Please help us properly recognize the extraordinary on-the-job efforts of our members and submit your nominations.