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 IIA Chicago Seminar

5/11/2015 8:00 AM
5/14/2015 5:00 PM
MicroTek Training Facility | Chicago, IL | Illinois

When: May 11–14, 2015

Where: MicroTek Training Facility | Chicago, Illinois

Developed and facilitated by seasoned internal audit professionals, IIA Seminars courses will provide you with the skills you need to drive results.  For more information and registration on the courses offered, click on course name below. To register, look for the Chicago listing on the right side of the Course Description page and click on Register.

Auditor-in-charge Tools and Techniques


Covers the organizational, time management, and problem solving skills necessary to manage a successful team.  



Beginning Auditor Tools and Techniques

A must for all entry-level internal auditors, learn preliminary surveying and evidence-gathering techniques to conduct a successful audit.

Communications Skills for Auditors


Auditors at all levels will learn the best practices for presentations, interviewing, negotiations, and practice techniques for mastering public speaking.

Risk-based Auditing: A Value Add Proposition


Helps audit leaders to align their organizations’ strategies, visions, and values with the internal audit process by guiding their organizations’ risk-based auditing, while improving their current internal audit processes.


Statistical Sampling for Internal Auditors


Learn about the strategies and pitfalls regarding data collection, different methods of random and non-random sampling, and examine the concept of strategic sampling to get the most information for minimum cost, and much more.

Value-added Business Controls: The Right Way to Manage Risk


Staff and senior auditors with one year or less of experience, as well as non-auditors, will learn to use controls to detect and prevent fraud, design cost-effective control systems, identify “hard” and “soft” controls, and analyze existing control systems.

Assessing Risk: Ensuring Internal Audit Value


Take a deep dive into the fundamentals of risk assessment, and elements such as audit universe, risk appetite, and fraud, and the challenges of implementation.

Construction Activity: Audit Strategies


Review detailed audit strategies to address the risk and exposure in each phase of the construction ​life cycle, with emphasis on project delivery and compensation methodologies.

Analyzing and Improving Business Processes


Hands-on applications using case studies and the participants’ understanding of their own processes to employ effective tools and techniques used in any process analysis engagement.


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