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IIA Chapter Achievement Program

Similar to the goals and objectives set by the organizations we work for and that we set for ourselves,  The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and its Chapters’ set goals and objectives that guide their efforts to achieve desired results. Chapters communicate the status of their efforts to The IIA through the Chapter Achievement Program (CAP). The CAP recognizes the activities Chapters perform to promote The IIA’s strategies and objectives and Chapters’ local objectives, sets minimum standards of performance for Chapters, and is a means for the IIA and Chapters to evaluate the achievement of established objectives. The CAP measures the ability of Chapter Leadership to meet its responsibilities in three categories: chapter administration, service to the internal audit profession and, most importantly, service to chapter members. Points are earned for the activities Chapter Leadership, as well as Chapter Members complete in these categories. Chapters that attain the required point totals in each category and overall, are recognized as Bronze, Silver, or Gold Chapters. Chapters that reach the Gold level in 10 of the last 11 years, are recognized as Platinum Chapters. The Chicago Chapter has been recognized as a Platinum Chapter for over 10 years!