President's Message to Chapter
June 2018
First off, I want to thank Craig Youngberg for his service in the role of President for the past year.   Leading such a dynamic and energetic Chapter is not easy, but Craig handled it with a calm demeanor and his trademarked humor, which I have looked forward to in our interactions.  I am glad to have Craig’s continued support over the next year as I transition into the role of President, and look forward to his continued counsel.
I would also like to thank Suri Musiri, who is leaving the Board and his Officer role as Secretary to focus on his career and his audit team; his energy and passion will be missed by this year’s Board and Officers.
And as we wrap up Internal Auditor Awareness Month, I wish to publicly express my gratitude to the Board overall, and the Nominating Committee in particular, for their efforts to ensure that our Chapter’s Officer team will be among the strongest in recent memory; seasoned veterans all!  Thank you!
As former VP Education, Eileen Iles has done an excellent job stepping up and offering our members excellent and relevant training.  She is incredibly organized and has increased both the number of programs offered and the quality of our program.  Now, she steps into the Senior Vice President Role and I am looking forward to seeing the positive impact she will continue to have as she begins to work more broadly across the Chicago Chapter.
After years in the Treasurer’s role, Cassaundra Rouse moves into Eileen’s former post as VP Education.  Cassaundra has brought tremendous energy and passion to the Treasurer position and I am both grateful for her service and excited to see what her “personal stamp” on the VP Education position will look like.  Eileen has built a great program, and I am confident that Cassaundra will find ways to step up our program to ever higher heights.
Eric Simaga is a dynamo of energy, optimism, and opinion on a variety of topics.  After a year in the VP of Operations role, Eric is stepping into the Treasurer position vacated by Cassaundra.  Eric has some exciting ideas about automating processes and improving efficiencies, and it will be thrilling to work with him as he builds a function that will surely be at the cutting-edge of IIA Treasury capabilities!
By accepting the role of Secretary, Puja Shah steps up to an Officer role after a variety of successes in Board Committee leadership, notably with the NextGen Committee.  Puja brings what seems to be an inexhaustible energy and drive to make everything she touches just a little better.  I believe she will continue to enjoy tremendous success and I am very excited to be welcome her to our Chapter Officer corps.
There is a popular song with the lyrics: “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?” Nick Saracco truly embodies the sentiment of this passage, as it has been several years since he held an officer title as Treasurer, but his positive influence has never flagged.  I am pleased to welcome him back to the Officer ranks as he steps up and assumes the responsibilities of the VP of Operations role.  Nick has a detail-oriented mind and is a process champion, and I am looking forward to his influence as we continued to move our Chapter forward.
Truly, this is an excellent group of Chapter Officers and I count myself as very fortunate to work with them over the next year.  My personal “thanks” to each of them for their continued volunteerism and for stepping up to support of the IIA and our Chicago Chapter.
If you have noticed, I have used the phrase “step up” several times; the purpose of which is to set a foundation for my theme for the 2018-2019 year: One Step Up.
To me, One Step Up means – for each auditor – to commit to take one step up in response to the challenges and opportunities we face.  Not so many steps that we become over-extended, but to commit to find just one thing we each can do to improve ourselves, our profession, and – by extension – the world around us. 
Could you commit to take one step up to improve your technical auditing skills?  I challenge you to work with Cassaundra’s Education team and find one thing that you don’t know, or don’t understand as well as you could, and partner with the Chicago Chapter to take that one step up professionally.
Could you commit to take one step up to improve your “soft” skills?  I challenge you to find an avenue –either within the Chicago Chapter or through another source – where you can make just one improvement.  For myself, I am taking one step up to learning conversational French.  J’apprends le Français conversationnel.  What will you do?
Could you commit to helping another take one step up with your assistance?  I challenge you to volunteer, or to mentor, or to support someone or some cause to make the world a better place.  It doesn’t have to audit related – but it could be!  Connect with a peer on LinkedIn, come to a networking event, comment on an article using #IIACHI; technology makes it so easy to take one step up!
Each of the Officers (Eileen, Caussandra, Eric, Puja, Nick, and myself) is stepping up to a new set of challenges as we each assume a new role with the Chicago Chapter.  What can you do to increase your personal volunteerism and your department’s volunteerism with the IIA and the Chicago Chapter?  I can guarantee you will “get out of it” much more than you “put into it”.  After all, you’re only taking one step!
This is my personal commitment to myself and to you for the next 12 months: to find areas of my life where I can take just one step up to improve.  I challenge each of you to commit to do the same; and to rely on the Chicago Chapter to help you.  This Officer team and our Board, having already taken many steps up, is working for you – our members – to provide you with the training and support you need to take as many steps up as you can.
Come join us, and help us make 2018-2019 an outstanding year for every Chicago Chapter member!  Together, let us all take ONE STEP UP!
Thank you!
Chris Denver, President
IIA Chicago Chapter
June 2017
I would like to first thank the board and the nominating committee for giving me this opportunity.  I would to also thank the membership for voting me in.  I will work hard to build upon this chapter’s continued success while maintaining the integrity and reputation that our members and leaders have created for the past 75 years. I look forward to working with the officers Eileen Isles and her strong direction in Education, Cassaundra Rouse heading up treasury, Senior VP Chris Denver for his drive and determination, VP of Operations Eric Simaga for his resolve and unique perspectives and our new officer but old friend Suri Musiri with a lot of grit.
Last year was a great success for the Chicago Chapter.  From a chapter perspective, we had our largest annual seminar ever and got a lot of great things done.   For example, we hosted 22 separate events with 1,429 people registered and that does not include the annual seminar with 1298 people registered.  Our biggest and most successful events are the managers round table, the next gen meetings and CAE round tables.  These opportunities to meet and commiserate with peers are very important.   I would especially like to recognize the volunteers that made that happen.  Volunteers are what makes this chapter strong.
The theme for this year will be the three “C”s Collaboration, Commiseration and Community. 
Collaboration: In my opinion one of the biggest benefits we receive from belonging to an organization like the IIA Chicago is the that we have the opportunity to collaborate with others in our industry and in other industries with different experiences to learn, solution problems and expand our knowledge base.
Commiseration:  It is said that misery like company, but it is also scientifically observed that misery actually prefers additional misery.  The IIA Chicago is a great place to share how we are handling difficulties and provide support for one and other.
Community: Belonging to a unified group of people with a common interest benefits us immensely.  If you work in a small shop it is great to know that there are many people out there like you.  A sense of community cannot be forced and the IIA Chicago has created this community over the past 75 years.  I would like you to join me in making this a stronger audit community.
Here is to 2017- 20118.
Craig Youngberg, President
IIA Chicago Chapter
June 2016
 It is now official, I will be serving as IIA Chicago Chapter President for the next 12 months. I’ve been a member since 2000 and have been actively involved on various committees and the Board for the past decade or so. Over the years I have come to learn that Chicago is an important part of the global IIA. Our membership is tapped into for leadership roles within IIA North America and IIA Global, our membership is sought after for knowledge leadership and educational content, our chapter provides funding for many research studies and CBOK publications, and we provide our colleagues around the world best practices on managing a Chapter. Therefore it goes without saying that leading this Chapter is a great responsibility and a tremendous honor, and while it is not an honor I sought, it is one that I graciously, enthusiastically, and humbly accept. I will serve the membership the best I can and will work diligently to make sure Chicago stays at the forefront of the internal audit profession. 
Each Chapter President typically has a motto for the year. My motto is for each member to get a little selfish about their membership. Ask yourself: “What is in it for me?”   Here are a three of things I can think of:
Resume Enhancing Skills – through the Chapter you gain immediate management experience that could otherwise takes years in your job. Want to manage a team, a project, a program, a business? You can do it today with the Chapter and you can check the box in your list of professional experience. Will that help you get a promotion or land a bigger job? Absolutely!
Build a Professional Network of Internal Audit Superstars – through volunteering with the Chapter you get to rub elbows, work with, and become friends with the “who’s who” of internal audit in Chicago, throughout the country, and around the world. Do you think a personal recommendation from the Chairman of the North American IIA Board would help your career? You bet it will.
Boost Your Ego and Self-Esteem – through volunteering with the Chapter to you get to create programs and events that will impact dozens, maybe hundreds, and potentially thousands of your peers. There is no greater source of professional pride than the pride of seeing an accomplishment positively impact a group of peers. Will this give you a stronger sense of confidence and enhance your career opportunities? Without a doubt.
So there you have it, 3 things you can take from your membership in the IIA. I am sure there are many other things you can also “take” and I encourage you to get greedy and a little selfish. The Chicago Chapter is here for your taking.
Thank you for your support and encouragement. I look forward to working with you throughout the next 12 months.
Steve Randall, President
IIA Chicago Chapter
Past President's letters:

January 2016

Greeting Chicago Chapter Members,
The 56th Annual Seminar is right around the corner on Monday, April 4th and the theme this year is Building Excellence Through Innovation, Inspiration, and Insight.  The main focus is to explore and discuss innovations and provide insight into the profession in order to lead you on the path to excellence.  The Annual Seminar team is doing a fantastic job in bringing together a slate of thought leaders and tailoring content to meet the diverse experiences of our members.  This event provides our Chapter members the unique opportunity to learn from top-notch speakers through a variety of tracks and sessions and to obtain up to 8 CPE. 
This year also marks the 75th Anniversary of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).  Since 1941, the IIA has helped shape the profession and grown to become the profession’s most widely recognized advocate, educator, and provider of standards, guidance, and certifications. Its globally recognized code of ethics and International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing guide internal auditors worldwide in carrying out their jobs. Today, The IIA serves more than 180,000 members from more than 170 countries and territories.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, the IIA’s 2016 International Conference is taking place in New York City, July 17–20, 2016.
At the end of May our 2015-2016 chapter year will come to a close but until then our committees have been hard at work pulling together a variety of training opportunities.  Please be on the lookout regarding our upcoming events and don’t miss out on registration:
February 11: NextGen - Industry and Services: Perspectives from Both Sides of the Profession
March 14 & 15: New Audit Manager Tools and Techniques (2nd one-day class added)
March: Manager Roundtable
April 4:  Annual Seminar - Building Excellence Through Innovation, Inspiration, and Insight
May: CAE Roundtable
May: Annual Meeting & Election of New Officers
Over the next few months we will be nominating our new Officers and Board of Governors for the 2016-2017 Chapter Year.  I hope you will consider applying to volunteer with the Chapter as it’s never too late!
It has been a great pleasure to work with such a wonderful, dedicated group of people and to serve the as your President this year.   As a team member, I am proud of all our accomplishments and look forward to the continued success and accomplishments of the Chapter.
Rebecca Nilson, President
IIA Chicago Chapter

January 2015

I can’t believe we are beginning a new chapter year already!!  Summer is here, the weather is nice and it’s time for weekend fun and BBQ’s.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing officers and Board members.  Ken Shaw, John Mickevice, Darcy Morowitz, Adam Regelbrugge, Larry Brown, Jeff Perkins and Keith Kahl.  These individuals poured their heart out while volunteering and have performed at an exceptional level.  They contributed to the success of the Chicago Chapter in many ways and will truly be missed.

I am happy to announce that the Chicago Chapter has achieved Platinum Status once again in the Chapter Achievement Program.  We have proven, yet again, our commitment to the profession and the IIA.  Thank-you to all of the Chicago Chapter members who have made this possible through your commitment and participation in chapter meetings, trainings, speaking engagements, articles and obtaining your IIA certifications.  A very special thank-you goes to Tonya Baez for her service as President last year and helping the chapter achieve Platinum status.

I would like to welcome and thank the new Officer team – Dan Gaffney (VP of Operations), Steve Randall (Secretary), Nick Saracco (Treasurer) and Michael Davidson (VP of Education).  We have a strong team and we look forward to serving you.  I also want to welcome and thank our new Board members – Allison Cancio, Suri Musiri, Pam Short-Jenkins, Evonne Thompson, Sylvia Delaney and John Larounis.  I would like to thank the current BOG’s for their dedication and leadership.  We are very grateful to have a talented and dedicated Officer team and Board of Governors.

This year will bring new challenges.  The Officers will continue to work on our infrastructure including policies, procedures, manuals and training documents.  We want to strengthen our internal process where applicable and continue our advancement of the profession through funding of the IIA Research Foundation.  We want to find new ways to serve you, our membership, through member involvement, social events, and training.  Other areas we want to explore are how we can serve our government and young professional members through new initiatives.

We want to hear from you!!  Please contact us with your ideas on how we can serve you in areas such as training events topics, networking events or any other suggestion that comes to mind.  We look forward to hearing from you.

It feels like yesterday when I began my volunteer work for the chapter.  It is hard to believe that I will be serving as your President.  I sincerely thank the Chicago Chapter members for this opportunity.

Ken Clow, President
IIA Chicago Chapter


January 2014
Happy New Year!
I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful Holiday Season!  I cannot believe that 2014 is here already and we are well over half way through our current fiscal year.
The Officers and Board Members have been working hard to provide interesting educational and volunteer opportunities and to launch our new initiatives.  I hope everyone is taking advantage of the variety of CPE from our education sessions and our CAE and Manager’s roundtables.  It is wonderful to see so many new faces at our events! 
Volunteerism is the heart of the IIA Chicago Chapter.  Our chapter’s great achievements over the years have been a direct result of the time, effort, and dedication provided by those who have volunteered to serve their professional colleagues in order to further the internal audit professional community in the Chicagoland area.  Our goal is to have a volunteer team that represents the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and demographics of our professional community.  The Chicago Chapter is always looking for talented volunteers who are willing to assist with our numerous volunteer committees or to serve as a Board of Governor Member.  If interested, please contact us through our website, we would love to have you involved. 
Registration is now open for our Bowl-a-Thon event with Junior Achievement on February 18, 2014.  We would like to see YOU show off your bowling skills while supporting a great cause. 
Also, be on the lookout for this year’s Annual Seminar brochure and take advantage of early registration for you and your colleagues.  The Annual Seminar Committee has been very busy planning some wonderful sessions , so you don’t want to miss out on this magnificent event on Monday, April 7th!
Please join us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter or visit our chapter website to stay up to date with the profession and all the Chapter has to offer you.
Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous 2014!
Tonya Baez, President
IIA Chicago Chapter​