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 Audit Manager

Audit Manager
Position Summary 
·         Lead completion of audit plan for areas of responsibility at corporate and at partner locations.  The primary focus of audit will be operational and compliance; however, financial audits will be performed periodically.  Audits will be performed in accordance with acceptable audit standards and within stipulated schedules.  Audit will collaborate with management and partner management to ensure effective and efficient actions plans are fully implemented on a timely basis.
Key Relationships
Reports to: Vice President of Internal Audit
Collaborates closely with:          CFO
                                                        Chief Compliance Officer
                                                        Head of Operations
                                                        Vice President of Partner Relationship Management
·         Develop collaborative working relationships with business partners to identify and risk assess the compliance, operational and financial environment at the company and our partners.
·         Lead the creation and maintenance of compliance, operational and financial audit universe and the development and execution of the related internal audit plan.
·         Provide thought leadership and guidance to audit teams on financial, operational and regulatory audits, advisory projects and internal audit engagements of various complexities
·         Support an integrated audit approach by partnering with the information technology audit team to prioritize, schedule, assign and complete annual audit plan.
·         Lead (and execute on) audit engagements, ensuring audit procedures are appropriate, including identifying and defining issues, developing criteria and creative auditing techniques, reviewing and analyzing evidence, documenting and analyzing client processes, systems and procedures, conducting interviews, reviewing documents, developing and administering surveys, composing summary memos, and preparing work papers. Audits will occur at the company and at the multiple partner locations.
·         Identify, develop, and document audit issues and recommendations for improvement using good judgment and maintaining independence and objectivity.  Determine strategic risk themes and develop recommendations to address.    
·         Lead the prompt communication of audit and consulting project results via written reports and oral presentations to management and the Board of Directors.
·         Bring audit and project management knowledge and audit expertise to the audit group to continuously enhance and improve department operations. 
·         Lead a team of individuals and provide guidance and coaching to them.
·         Provide company and partner management training, coaching, and guidance relative to governance, risk and control when conducting audits and other audit-related projects.



·         Experience requirements:
·         Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. 
·         Minimum of 6 years of experience, with at least 2 years of supervisory experience.  Experience in banking, financial services or consumer credit compliance audit OR Big-4 public auditing experience is preferred.
·         Experience managing cross-functional teams.
·         Certification as a CPA, CIA or equivalent strongly preferred.
·         Technical and specific requirements:
·         Desire to travel approximately 25% of time across the US and Canada.
·         Considerable computer skills, including word processing, spreadsheet, audit and data analysis packages, and other business software to prepare work papers, reports, memos, summaries, and analyses to support the logical conclusions drawn from the audit or project.
·         Considerable skill in planning and project management, and in maintaining composure under pressure while meeting multiple deadlines
·         Considerable skill in applying internal auditing standards, internal control frameworks (including COSO), management principles and leading practices.
·         Organizational requirements:
o    Strong organizational, leadership and teamwork skills with the ability to lead and develop individuals.
o    Exceptional verbal and written communication skills as well as the ability to develop collaborative working relationships with both internal and external contacts.
o    Ability to understand a situation or problem by putting the pieces together, seeing the larger picture and internal or external implications
o    Ability to organize the parts of a problem or situation in a systemic way, making systematic comparisons of different features or aspects
o    Is Customer Centric
§  Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers
§  Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect
·         Cultural  requirements:
o    Is Trusted and Trusting
§  Easy to approach and talk to
§  Is seen as a direct, truthful individual
§  Keeps confidences
§  Admits mistakes
§  Builds constructive and effective relationships
§  Practices attentive and generous listening
o    Values peers and employees
§  Is interested in the work and non-work lives of other employees
§  Monitors workloads and appreciates extra effort
§  Available and ready to help
§  Treats everyone with humanity, justice and temperance
o    Is Results Oriented
§  Has energy for the things he/she sees as challenging
§  Not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning
§  Can be counted on to exceed goals successfully
§  Pushes self and other for results
§  Establishes clear accountability of self and others
o    Agile & Nimble
§  Effectively copes with change
§  Comfortably handles risk and uncertainty
§  Uses a systemic approach to transformation
§  Manages change by demonstrating ability
§  Is flexible and adaptable with facing tough calls
o    Demonstrates creative solutioning
§  Comes up with unique and new ideas
§  Seen as original and value-added in brainstorming sessions
§  Learns quickly when facing new problems
§  Is skilled at seeing broader implications
About SquareTwo Financial
SquareTwo Financial is a leader in the $100 billion asset recovery and management industry. Through its award-winning technology, industry-leading security and compliance practices, SquareTwo Financial creates a more effective way for companies and consumers to resolve their debt commitments. Lenders in the Fortune 1000 trust SquareTwo Financial to manage their debt portfolios. In all of its recovery efforts, SquareTwo Financial is committed to delivering the FAIR SQUARE PROMISE, the company’s pledge to treat each Customer with fairness and respect. SquareTwo Financial is based in Denver, Colo. Visit for more information.
We recognize that confident people, with the right skills and proactive ideas, will enable us to continue our success.  If you want to join our SquareTwo Financial team and you feel that you meet these requirements noted above, please submit your resume for our review. 
* SquareTwo Financial is an Equal Opportunity Employer.