Greetings Members! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this challenging time of fighting the COVID-19 virus.

Back in December, the coronavirus was not even on our list of top risks, and it quickly emerged to cause a global health and economic crisis well beyond what we could have fathomed. This has been an unprecedented time in recent history. While this crisis has uncovered weaknesses in our preparation, response and recovery processes, it has also shown our tremendous strength and ability to work together, adapt, find solutions and implement vital improvements. 

It has truly been my honor to be the Detroit IIA President during this year. I have resolved myself to know that this will not be the year that is remembered for COVID-19! Rather, I will remember this year for all our outstanding achievements! We certainly did “Rise Up and Step Forward!”

  • 1,260 Members Strong! 77 Years of Service!

  • Ruby Status with the IIA – by achieving Gold Status for over 5 consecutive years. 

  • Started the year in grand fashion with a presentation and book-signing with Mr. Richard Chambers, Global President CEO! 150 members attended at The Henry. 

  • Held monthly meetings and webinars, bringing diverse topics and CPE opportunities to members. Over 270 CPE credits offered!

  • Held CAE and Manager roundtables, an ethics training, and an on-demand ethics training. 

  • Due to COVID-19, we had to cancel our March IIA/ISACA Spring Training in Novi, but we were able to move sessions online and offer virtual training in April and May!

Special THANKS the entire Board and to the Program and Spring Training Committees for making it a great year! … especially, Rick Lowe, Sajay Rai, Richard Cozart, Eulonda Whitmore, Pete Hartung, Christine Dobrovich, John Pagac, Pam Bishop, Juman Doleh-Alomary & Rhoda Henderson-Fields.

Special THANKS to Alan Demir our Treasurer, Christine Dobrovich our Secretary, Brian Smith our CAP Reporter, and Kamilla Williams our Membership leader, for all of your hard work through the year.

Our chapter is also fortunate to have an excellent Administrator, Amber Dunn-Egerer, and an outstanding Webmaster, Richard Cozart. Thanks to Amber and Richard for their contributions to our chapter! 


Karen Muglia

Karen Muglia, CICA
2019-2020 President, The IIA Detroit Chapter