I feel honored and humbled to have been given this chance as the President of the IIA’s Detroit Chapter.  The year has gone by so fast primarily because we have had history of a very strong board, and this year was no different.  We as a chapter accomplished a lot this year.  

Besides having quality monthly meetings and seminars, we had record attendance at our spring conference (which is jointly held with ISACA Detroit Chapter).  We also had a lot of fun at our social event (Top Golf) and saw our membership in Detroit Chapter reach record levels. We awarded scholarships to 3 students; shared career tips during our annual student night; and recognized individuals as Rock Stars of the Month. 

Behind the scenes, we had a lot going on as well.  At the start of the year, our long time treasurer (Pam Weipert) decided to leave the board and we undertook a project to migrate our book keeping to an external vendor.  Thanks to Pam for all the hard work she did for number of years to keep our financial records.  


Towards the end of the year, we had to say good bye to another long-time associate, our administrator Nicole.  Nicole decided to move to Texas.  Thanks to Nicole for all her support and dedication to this chapter.  We will miss both Pam and Nicole.


The migration to the Event Management Tool (EMT) was another big effort during the beginning of the year.  The migration had some issues which affected our membership’s registration ability during the first couple monthly meetings but were resolved soon after that.  Duane Borkowski, although not part of our Board, did great work in making this migration successful.


And finally, I could not have done my duties as a President if it was not for our Madame-Elect President (and 1st VP) Karen Muglia.  Her constant guidance and support made my job much easier.  And this also makes me confident that as we transition the Presidency to Karen, we are in great hands and can expect greater and better things from Madame President.


Sajay Rai

Sajay Rai
2018-2019 President, The IIA Detroit Chapter