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 Investigations Training Suite

5/28/2018 7:45 AM
6/1/2018 4:00 PM
Edmonton, AB |  
The Institute of Internal Auditors, Edmonton Chapter, Inc.​  has partnered with the Workplace Institute to offer IIA members a discount on the following Investigation Training Suite.

IIA Members Receive a $40 discount per course.

Take all five courses and save an additional $200 for a savings of $400!

Day One is an overview of the fundamentals of investigation, covering everything from planning to report writing. It has segments on the building blocks of investigative interviewing, gathering digital and documentary evidence, as well as how to assess evidence. We use a lot of case studies throughout the day.

Day Two is dedicated to investigative interviewing. The course expands on the principles of interviewing covered in day one, with much more in-depth material, including scenarios based on real life cases. Lots of participation and exercises – but no role-plays – guaranteed!

Day Three is Report Writing for Investigators, a course designed to assist anyone who has to write a report, structure and use a framework for their fact finding.

Day Four is – How to Use the Internet as an Investigative Tool Part 1 the world beyond social mediaThis course introduces you to the proper techniques to navigate and recover information from the World Wide Web.

Day Five is– How to Use the Internet as an Investigative Tool focusing on using social media such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and other social websites to find information.

Just interested in interviewing? Then sign up for Day Two. Want to cover the fundamentals of investigation and also learn how to use the Internet as an investigative tool through social media? Register for Day One and Day Five.

For more information on the courses and/or to register, please click here: Investigations Training Suite. When registering, please use discount code: 36342.