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 Advertistment Information

Advertisements will be displayed on the right side of the web page. Additionally, advertisements will be run in our monthly newsletter at a size of 4" x 3". Advertisements will randomly rotate on the web page as visitors navigate through the website.
Pricing information
The pricing for website and newsletter advertisements is as follows:
Posting Type  Rate 
Website & Auditlines  $         100.00
Extend Website & Auditlines  $           75.00
Website Ad - 6mo  $         600.00
Website Ad - 12mo  $      1,000.00
Website Special Event Ad  $         250.00
Extend Website Special Event Ad  $         100.00
Any changes to the pricing structure will be announced and shared via a power point during our monthly luncheon.
Procedure to Request Advertisement:
Advertisements will be posted to the website within 5-7 business days, and submissions received by the 15th of each month will be included in the newsletter publication distributed at the end of the month.  Any submissions received after the 15th will be included in the subsequent month’s newsletter publication.  
Only credit card payments are accepted, and are required to be completed prior posting.  After payment is submitted, an electronic receipt will be sent to the requestor via email.
Contact John Wong at by email or call 281-468-2709 for more information on submitting an advertisement.
§  Contact John Wong to obtain advertisement request details and the link for payment.
§  Using the link provided will take you to our payment gateway where you will submit payment for your advertisement.
§  Once we have received confirmation of your payment, our website administrator will initiate the creation of the advertisement and contact you to obtain your graphics and other relevant information.