Chapter Achievement Program
The Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) is an achievement/recognition program for chapters in North America that uses points to recognize chapter activities that align with the North American Strategic Plan in three service categories: Service to Members, Service to the Profession, and Chapter Administration.
A chapter must earn the minimum CAP points in each of the three service categories to qualify for a performance level:
·         Service to Members (325 points)
·         Service to Profession (200 points)
·         Chapter Administration (160 points)
Once these minimums are achieved per category, the chapter qualifies for performance levels:
·         Bronze – 685 points
·         Silver – 1,060 points
·         Gold – 1,560 points
·         Platinum – a chapter achieving Gold status for 10 out of 11 consecutive years
·         Ruby - a chapter achieving Platinum for 10 consecutive years
·         Sapphire - a chapter achieving Ruby for 5 consecutive years
·         Diamond - a chapter achieving Sapphire for 10 consecutive years
The CAP helps chapters:
·         Focus on activities that support annual goals and objectives
·         Keep track of all chapter activities from the beginning of a chapter year, from June 1st through chapter year-end, May 31st
·         Measure success based on different performance levels reached at year-end; Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze
·         Benchmark against other IIA chapters of the same size
·         Ensure effective and timely communication with IIA Headquarters, their District Representative and Advisor
How Our Members Can Help
The Houston Chapter has achieved Platinum status since 2008.  Our members can contribute to the goal of maintaining Platinum status by completing one or more activities listed under the Service to the Profession category.  See the linked document below for a complete list of activities.  Once a member has completed an activity, they should contact the CAP Point Administrator so the Chapter can record the points that have been earned.
CAP Administrator: Connie Khawaja, Past President
For questions or to submit activities for points, please email