​IIA Houston Food Bank Donation

After Hurricane Harvey, The Houston Chapter received a generous donation of $1,000 from Bob Kodzis from Flight of Ideas who had recently served as facilitator to our Board Leadership Retreat and has worked with the Houston Chapter on several occasions over the years. Despite Hurricane Irma having hit his hometown, Orlando, within a couple of weeks of his pledge, Bob insisted that his contribution remain strong to the Houston Chapter to support hurricane relief efforts. The Board was touched by Bob’s generosity and decided to increase the donation amount to $10,000 total and agreed that the Houston Food Bank, where every $1 contributed provides three meals, would be a great organization to help with the Hurricane relief cause.

Subsequently, the Houston Chapter received an inquiry from Remi Nel, Southern Region’s District Representative, connecting The North New Jersey Chapter leaders who were looking to provide donations to Chapters affected by the recent weather tragedies. The New Jersey Chapter made a very generous donation of $500 in support of the donation to the Food Bank and hurricane relief efforts. The Houston Chapter’s Board approved a temporary amendment to the Houston Chapter’s Articles of Incorporation to allow for the donation which was unanimously approved by the members during the December 4th luncheon. Greg Bone, Houston Chapter President, presented Linda Casey of the Houston Food Bank with both the pledge and large check after the membership vote passed at the December luncheon below.