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CAP Point Update!


One of the ways we gauge our success as a Chapter is through the Chapter Achievement Program (CAP). CAP points are earned for our accomplishments in four areas:


  • Chapter Health
  • Service to Members
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership Development


The Chapter earns points in a variety of ways.  For example, offering speaker events like the monthly luncheons and The Astros Networking Event, assisting universities and students to promote the profession, and completing administrative activities for the Chapter.  There are also many ways for our members to earn points.  To name a few you could: 

  • Speak about the profession or internal audit related topics to others outside of your company
  • Submit exam questions for the CIA exam
  • Participate in an IIA-sponsored Quality Review
  • Participate in IIA research projects
  • Teach in Junior Achievement
  • Submit an article to the Internal Auditor (extra points for getting published!)


So far this year, we've achieved 284 points towards our progress to becoming Gold status again. 

If you perform any of the applicable service to profession activities during our new chapter year (June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021), we would love to hear from you.  This will help us achieve Gold status again for the new chapter year. Please submit activities to For more detailed information, see the CAP activities listed below that may apply to you and the Houston Chapter.

Thanks for your help!

Brian Legg
Secretary and CAP Administrator





Academic Relations

  • Chapter sponsored a student or professor to attend the annual IIA Internal Audit Student Exchange
  • Chapter assisted an IAEP university to advance to another level within the IAEP program
  • Chapter spoke or guest lectured an internal audit or accounting program at a local college/university
  • Chapter hosts a booth at a local university career fair or similar event to promote the profession as a career option
  • Chapter gifted the Internal Auditor textbook to a local college/university
  • Chapter gifted a subscription to Internal Auditor magazine to a local college/university's library
  • Chapter executed a Chapter Scholarship Program
  • Chapter participated in the development of an IIA-approved student club
  • Chapter held a student event
  • Chapter gifted an IIA membership to a student
  • Chapter sponsored student attendance at a Chapter meeting
  • Chapter assisted student with publishing an article in an IIA publication or blog
  • Chapter submitted an IAAAP Request for Recognition form
  • Student member from an IAEP school submitted an application for the Esther R. Sawyer Research Award
  • Student member submitted an application for the Michael J. Barrett Doctoral Dissertation Grant


  • Chapter published IIA events or proclamations in a company or on company web site
  • Chapter published proclamations in chapter newsletter or website
  • Chapter funded a Chapter in Need
  • Chapter had a legislator or local politician speak at a Chapter event
  • Chapter hosted an event celebrating Internal Audit Awareness Month in May
  • Chapter promoted Internal Audit Awareness Month via email, Chapter newsletter, or social media
  • Chapter promoted an IIA Quality Review
  • Member appointed to an IIA committee
  • Member hosted an internal audit event at work (Lunch and Learn)
  • Member met with a legislator or local politician to discuss The IIA, legislation, etc.
  • Member nominated to be on an IIA committee (Chapter Board approved)

IIA Conferences Collaboration/Seminar Collaboration/Speaking

  • Member conducted a speaking engagement outside of the US, Canada, or Caribbean (unpaid)
  • Chapter promoted an IIA conference/seminar on the Chapter website
  • Chapter promoted an IIA conference/seminar via email to Chapter members
  • Chapter promoted an IIA conference/seminar via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Chapter published a post-IIA conference/seminar article in the Chapter newsletter or on the website
  • Chapter promoted upcoming local area IIA HQ events to Chapter members
  • Chapter submitted recommendation for speaker database with an excellent rating.
  • Chapter partnered with IIA to bring training to their local market (e.g. onsite training, chapter partnership)


  • Chapter promoted the value of certification at a local college or university
  • Chapter hosted certification exam prep course or mentoring program for in-process candidates
  • Chapter promoted certification App fee waiver month on their chapter website/newsletter/at chapter meetings
  • Chapter provided certification study materials to individuals who are newly approved to take the exam (in the program status report)
  • Chapter promoted a certification/membership campaign by reaching out to certified / non-members via telephone, email or in-person
  • Chapter implemented a certification/membership campaign
  • Chapter officer is IIA certified: CIA, CCSA, CFSA, CGAP, CRMA
  • Chapter recognizes newly certified individuals at its event, newsletter and/or website
  • Chapter Test Development Team wrote 100+ exam questions for IIA certifications: CIA/CRMA 

Internal Audit Foundation/Editorial Achievement

  • Professional member had an article published in a professional journal other than Internal Auditor magazine
  • Professional member had an article published in Internal Auditor magazine Chapter promoted the Internal Audit Foundation's Book of the Month for six months
  • Chapter hosted mobile Bookstore
  • Chapter donated an item to the IA Foundation's raffle during the annual Leadership Academy
  • Chapter donated $1,000 or more to the foundation

Chief Audit Executive Engagement

  • Chapter hosted a CAE Roundtable
  • Chapter recruited a CAE to join the Audit Executive Center
  • Chapter hosted or participated in a district CAE roundtable
  • Chapter has a CAE on their Board of Governors or in a core officer position
  • Promotion of the Audit Executive Center, via the chapter website, newsletter, email or at a meeting
  • Chapter promoted the Audit Intelligence Suite - Benchmarking Survey to CAEs and members

CIA Learning

  • Purchased the CIA Learning System for the chapter or a local college/university
  • Within your chapter area, offer an IIA Chapter or IIA College/University sponsored IIA CIA Learning System exam prep course held either live or online.
  • Outside of your chapter area, promote an IIA Chapter, IIA Global, or IIA College/University sponsored IIA CIA Learning System exam prep course.
  • Post The IIA CIA Learning System exam prep tile ad on your chapter website’s home page and link to  
  • Promote The CIA Learning System exam prep course by emailing an announcement to your members, announcing at chapter events and including an announcement in your chapter newsletter.

Service to Members


Member volunteers to assist an IIA chapter event.






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