IASA Spring 2021 Update

The spring semester is about to be over and IASA is pleased to inform you that we had an absolutely successful semester. There are many great accomplishments and successes this semester. Our new events like Tech Series and Fireside Chat were highly encouraging and had great turnouts. Our organization has seen an enormous boom in membership. This boost in membership translates into success and hard work paying off. Our members are excited and thrilled to have joined IASA.

Bauer Organizations Awards 2021
            This semester IASA has been nominated for the Bauer Organizational Awards and we are thrilled to announce that we won four achievement awards back to back. This has been a super exciting accomplishment and great news for all IASA members. The awards received are as followed:

     Ted Bauer Leadership Award - Sahar Mahmood

     Rising Star Award - Alishan Ali

     Presidential Excellence Award (Small/Medium Size Org) - Neha Bhat

     Excellence in External Relations - Internal Audit Student Association

            This year our organization has expanded significantly. There have been several internal changes to ensure our organization evolves and continues to thrive. Our association with IIA is a great part of our success and without them, these accomplishments would have never been recognized. Therefore, from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank the Institute of Internal Auditors and their team to keep on supporting us.

To stay connected and learn more about our upcoming events, please visit our website at www.uhiasa.com. If you are interested in contributing to our events with IASA and our UH students for Spring 2021, please contact our Corporate Relation Officer: corporate-relation@uhiasa.com.​ 

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