IASA December 2020 Update


As the semester comes to an end, we are delighted to inform you that this semester was hugely successful for IASA. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, IASA managed to grow its membership and continue to organize insightful events. We were able to bring out many exciting firms, hosted various panels and socials, and organized many educational workshops.

IASA is thrilled to announce that its membership grew by 50% from last semester. Our membership grew from 26 members last semester to 39 members this semester. We hosted about 30 events which include Corporate, Workshops, Alumni, and Social events. Our Average Number of Turnout also stayed consistent with last semester with approximately 15 members attending per event. Our newsletters also saw an increase in the number of subscribers and average opening rate. This tells us that our members are actively looking to participate in our events.


On behalf of our officers and members, IASA would like to convey a special thanks to all our guests who took part in our events. Without your continuous support, this journey would not be possible. Thank you to all the firms who partnered with us this semester to host various events. Thank you to all the panelists who joined us in our workshops, panels, and socials. The education, opportunities, and skills that you all provided were extraordinary and remarkable.


Although our semester comes to an end, we are excited and determined about the next semester. Our new year's resolution is to retain our increased membership and organize as many events as possible. We take pride when we know our students are getting a quality education and maximum opportunities to excel in their careers. We are ready and look forward to ensuring our UH students get the best experience from our organization. Till then happy holidays to everyone!


To stay connected and learn more about our upcoming events, visit our website at uhiasa.com. If you are interested in contributing to our events with IASA and our UH students for the Spring 2021, please contact our Corporate Relation Officer: corporate-relation@uhiasa.com.