The IIA is committed to increasing and enhancing internal auditing education in colleges and universities worldwide. Internal auditing is fundamental to the governance process of any well-run organization, so internal audit education should be part of every business and public administration curriculum. The focus of this program is to partner with colleges and universities to offer quality internal auditing programs.
The Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) is designed to support universities and colleges at three levels of participation. At each level, the school receives a distinct amount of support and resources, and in return has specific requirements it must meet.
  • Center for Internal Auditing Excellence - A Center for Internal Audit Excellence is committed to sustaining a comprehensive internal audit program. All educators must be Certified Internal Auditors® (CIA®). All students in the program will be required to sit for the CIA exam and are encouraged to participate in an internship as part of their course of study.
  • Partner - Schools at the Partner Level offer an internal audit curriculum to students in various educational disciplines.
  • Basic - Schools at the Basic Level include internal audit components in their programs.
In addition to educational options, IIA offers other benefits to its student members.
Membership - Membership dues are offered at a reduced rate for educators and students. Students receive a special student rate and waiver of application.  Learn more. Join or renew your membership.
Certification - Special Certified Internal Auditor exam registration and/or exam fees are offered to qualifying full-time educators and students. Students receive reduced rates on registration and exam fees.
Local Chapter Support – The Inland Empire is working to provide more support services and networking opportunities for its local students.  Check our events section regularly for events for students!
The following are links that may be helpful to students that want to learn more about internal Auditing.