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 Looking to earn CPE credits? Here is an easy way how!

The IIA Maritime Chapter is looking to bring together their first Chapter Test Development Team.
Teams may consist of a minimum of six members, with a maximum of up to 24 members. No previous experience in item development is necessary. The Maritime Chapter TDT will meet on a quarterly basis (Conference Call)  to coordinate the submissions and review. Will coordinate with the Chapter Test Development Team Coordinator to ensure the submissions:
·   Follow the item writers guidelines.
·   Have been reviewed against the item writer checklist.
·   Are submitted in the required format and template.
Not only will you help the Chapter earn the following CAP points related to TDTs:
·   10 points annually for developing/holding TDT meetings
·   1 point per accepted question, no maximum
In addition, the individual authors receive three hours of CPE per accepted question.
For more information contact Drake Alex Morse at or 506-663-6696.
You may also find additional information on the IIA website…