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On November 17, 1941, The IIA's Certificate of Incorporation was filed and officially established The Institute of Internal Auditors name; recognized The Institute as a membership corporation; and identified the corporation s specific purposes.  On December 9, 1941, 24 charter members attended The IIA's first annual meeting.  The IIA was a national organization at the outset with several of its 24 original members hailing from the East Coast and the Midwest. IIA membership grew to 104 members by the end of the first year; increased to 1,018 at the end of five years; increased to 3,700 by 1957 with 20 percent of the members located outside the United States.  The IIA has grown tremendously and today has over 170,000 members across 165 countries!  For more information about the IIA s history, please visit the national website and view the About the IIA page.

About the Michiana IIA

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is an international professional association of members working in internal auditing, risk management, governance, internal control, information technology audit, education, and security. The Michiana Chapter was founded in 1968 and represents 91 local professionals.


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 Chapter Officers

  • President
    Julie A. Markiewicz, CPA
  • Vice President
    Jeremy D. Miller, CPA, MBA
  • Secretary
    Joshua A. Semak
  • Treasurer
    Aaron D. Frick, MBA, CIA
  • Board Member
    Mark Dougherty, CPA
  • Board Member
    Sarah M. Kotys