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 NEW! Objective Centric ERM and Internal Audit_ A Pratical Response to the Internal Audit Transformation Imperative

Chapter Training
2019-05-23 08:30
2019-05-23 17:00
Deloitte Montréal | Canada - Québec

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In the spring of 2018 the IIA 2018 North American Pulse of Internal Audit released a new research study – The Internal Audit Transformation Imperative.  (  The Introduction of that report contains a key message:

In today’s world disruption are bigger, coming faster, and require responses that are quicker and more fluid. In this environment internal audit is vulnerable – vulnerable to complacency, vulnerable to insignificance, vulnerable to being replaced.  Transformation of internal audit is the only acceptable solution. CAEs need to lead the response to disruption with innovative strategies and an agile approach supported by the right talent.  The tendency of some CAEs might be to wait for others to act first.  This is a recipe for irrelevance. CAEs need to position internal audit to be an internal disruptor, relentlessly challenging the status quo, identifying and focusing on emerging risks. It is not the first time internal audit has needed to transform itself, and it likely will not be the last. But vulnerability, driven by disruption, require transformation now.

This workshop outlines why objective centric ERM and internal audit is a practical and tangible response to the IIA call to arms above.  It truly represents transformational not incremental change. The report does a good job describing the urgent need for change but has limited tangible recommendations on the form that this transformation should take.  This workshop provides all the detail you need to transform the way your organization approaches ERM and internal audit, including real world tested tools and plans and the business case for change.

The IIA has done a great job describing the need for change.  This workshop provides a practical, tested response that meets all of the transformation imperatives.


Tim J. Leech, Managing Director at Risk Oversight Solutions Inc


Early Bird, before April 12th  : Members / Non-Members : 250$ + tx 
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