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We are always interested in your feedback - what you liked or disliked - as well as things we can improve. Please send your suggestions, topics of interests, restaurants, seminars, speakers, etc. to IIA New Orleans at​​


 About This Chapter


The New Orleans Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors has records and activity back to 1949-1950 and was incorporated on December 14, 1988.  The local chapter currently has over 225 members and is part of the global IIA membership of more than 170,000 individuals.  The New Orleans Chapter provides tailored training, education, and networking opportunities to internal audit professionals in the area.

The mission of the New Orleans Chapter, consistent with the global mission, includes but is not limited to:

  • Cultivate, promote, and disseminate knowledge and information concerning internal auditing and its appropriate role in control, risk management, and governance to practitioners and stakeholders.
  • Educate practitioners and other relevant audiences on best practices in internal auditing.
  • Establish and maintain high standards of integrity, honor, and character among internal auditors.


As  an affiliate of The Institute of Internal Auditors, the New Orleans Chapter would like to assure its members and non-members that we value your privacy. In conjunction with the IIA Privacy Policy, it was also important to communicate to you concerning what a member has access to on the New Orleans Chapter website

Newsletters and Periodic Email Communications.   We ensure all receivers are "blind copied" so information is not transferred via emails. This prevents others from "replying" and sending unauthorized emails to those on our distribution list.

The email messages are part of regular communications with members and nonmembers of the Institute of Internal Auditors New Orleans Chapter. You may exclude yourself from future communications by contacting

However, since the New Orleans Chapter uses email as a primary means of communication with members and nonmembers, you may not receive important announcements relating to the Chapter.

Information to Outside Parties.   We do not distribute member and/or nonmember information to any outside party for any reason.


 Chapter Officers

  • New Orleans Chapter President
    Kelly Rollins, CISA
    Kelly Rollins, CISA Ochsner
  • New Orleans Chapter First Vice-President
    Kristen Tran
    Kristen Tran
  • New Orleans Chapter Second Vice-President
    Alathea Giepert
    Alathea Giepert
  • New Orleans Chapter Treasurer
    Kimberly Blaise, CPA, CIA
    Kimberly Blaise, CPA, CIA Ochsner
  • New Orleans Chapter Secretary
    Franziska Wagner
    Franziska Wagner
  • New Orleans Chapter Membership Officer
    Gina Stansbury DeBlois, CFE
    Gina Stansbury DeBlois, CFE Peoples Health
  • New Orleans Chapter Programming Officer
    Li Downing, CPA, CIA
    Li Downing Bourgeois Bennett

 Board of Directors and Committee Members



Board and Committee Members Name
Academic Relations Chair Jaime Guichard
Academic Relations Coordinator Angel Wesley
Academic Relations Coordinator Angel Robinson
Board Member Ellen Judlin
Board Member Philip Herring
Board Member Katie King
Board Member Ayanna Thibodaux
Board Member Amy Hurd - past President
Board Member Lynne Burkart
Board Member Joyce Lambert
Board Member Lori Ferro
Board Member Jim Schneider
Board Member Gina DeBlois
Board Member Angelle Granier
Board Member J.T. Erwin
Board Member Celeste McDonald
Board Member Margaret Saik
Budget Coordinator Kelly Rollins
CAP Coordinator Kristen Tran
Communications Coordinator Lori Ferro
Facilities Coordinator Samantha Russell
Newsletter Coordinator Franziska Wagner
Social Media Coordinator Kelly Rollins
Speaker Coordinator Alathea Giepert
Website Administrator   Li Downing​​​