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 2011-12 Chapter Achievement - New Orleans is achieving Platinum status!

The New Orleans Chapter accepted their Platinum Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) award at the 2012 Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL. Congratulations to the chapter, especially to the Board of Governors and Officers for their leadership over the past year.
The CAP is designed to recognize activities that promote The IIA's strategic objectives. The program provides minimum standards of performance, emphasizes the basic mission of the Chapter, encourages Chapters to perform that mission, and provides Chapters with a means to evaluate their success in accomplishing that mission. The CAP is established on the premise that the basic mission of a Chapter is to serve its members first and then the internal audit profession. This priority is from the Chapter point of view rather than the International point of view, which may realistically express a different emphasis.
The CAP is made up of four performance levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Throughout the year, points are earned by activities in three service categories of a Chapter and of the achievement program: Service to Members, Service to the Profession and Chapter Administration. A minimum number of points must be earned in each category to qualify for any of the three performance levels.
PLATINUM - This is a special level created to recognize chapters that attain GOLD status for 10 of 11 consecutive years. The chapter will continue to be recognized as platinum level each year thereafter it the chapter achieves the Gold CAP level for 10 of 11 consecutive years.