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 2015 IIA Regional Conference Bid

In August 2013, the IIA New Orleans and Baton Rouge Chapters’ Boards approved moving forward with the bid process for a 2015 IIA Regional Conference.  This is a tremendous opportunity for both chapters!
Jude Viator from the Baton Rouge Chapter and Pam Fiegel from the New Orleans Chapter will Co-Chair the event.  They will present the bid to the IIA Regional Conference Committee on December 11, 2013.  The draft proposal is due by October 31, 2013. 
IIA` HQ assigned a Staff Liaison to assist with the bid preparation.  For a successful bid, we are soliciting members from both Chapters as Subcommittee Chairs and volunteers to help with the different conference activities included in the proposal.  They include:
·         Finance (budget, income, expenses – work closely with IIA Headquarters)
·         Educational and Conference Program (program format, tracks, general sessions, speakers)
·         Sponsorship and Exhibitor (products/services addressing professional needs and interests, corporate sponsorships, etc.)
·         Marketing (theme and logo, advertising, promotion, websites, social media, etc.)
·         Registration (registration set up, different fees, onsite registration logistics, etc.)
·         Facilities (hotel, meeting space, reception, etc.)
·         Volunteers (assist in all areas)
For each area, the IIA Staff Liaison and other IIA HQ personnel will be available to help.  We need at least a commitment of 12 people to work with us on this.  If you are interested in helping with the bid, please contact either Jude Viator at or Pam Fiegel at  Although we need immediate help with the bid, please note that the amount of time for the event and the activities leading to the event will span over 2 years. 
With volunteers like you, we know this conference will be successful!