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IIA Nisqually Board
Meeting Schedule

February 2, 2021
March 2, 2021
April 6, 2021
May 4,  2021
June 1, 2021

All meeting are held 12-1pm.


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41st YEAR!


Nisqually is a Recognized Sapphire Chapter 
Three Years in a Row!


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 Future Events!


ERM & IA: Independence & Intersection 
​Presented by the IIA Boise Chapter
Date: March 2
Cost: $15

This one-hour event will discuss the evolution of the relationship between Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Audit functions. We will learn about the continuing relevance of Enterprise Risk Management, benefit from examples of lessons-learned and discuss the complementary roles ERM and IA play in their organizations, while preserving the independence of the Internal Audit function. 

We are pleased to welcome our presenter, Chase Busch, Director, Enterprise Risk Management, the J.R. Simplot Company.  Prior to joining Simplot, Chase held positions at Micron, Starbucks and Microsoft​.  Before entering the corporate world, Chase served in the US Army as a Military Intelligence Officer.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of South Florida and obtained his MBA in change leadership and technology management from the City University of Seattle.

Click here for m​ore information and registration!

Institute of Internal Chicago Chapter celebrates 60 years!
 This year's seminar is on March 8, 2021!

​​​This years seminar includes the following keynote speakers and 3 breakout sessions:
Jan Hargrave: Nonverbal Communication Skills that Display Trust, Exhibit Ethical and Professional Truths and Demonstrate Respect During Virtual Conversations and from 6 Feet Away
Tanmay Bakshi​​: ​The Power and Value of Artificial Intelligence
Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic: Storytelling with Data: Bringing Dat to Likfe through Pictures and Stories

Prices: Members: $200
Student, Educator, in Transition or Retire Member: $125

For more information and registration click here!

2021 IIA Seattle 12th Fraud Conference
Start Date/Time: 3/22-2021 10:00AM
End Date/Time: 3/25/2021 1:00PM
Cost: $100 member/$150 non-member
CPE: 9

​We are excited to announce our 12th annual, and first ever, "virtual" Fraud Conference.  We have an exciting line-up of four key note speakers that will present each day Monday - Thursday with a variety of relevant topics related to Fraud.  Additionally, we have our four fantastic sponsors who will present each day Monday - Thursday sharing with you key topics and themes related to fraud and their subject matter expertise.  We want to give a special thanks​ to our sponsors KPMG, RGP, PwC and Protiviti who have made it possible to offer this event at a reduced rate, to support our IA community during these challenging times s we shift to a virtual setting

Click here for more information and registration!​

Cybersecurity/ERM - Building Organizational Resilience through the Integration of Cybersecurity Risk Management (CRM) with Enterprise Risk Management
​Sponsored by AGA Olympia Chapter.
Date: March 24, 2021, 11:00am - 12:50pm
CPE: 2

​Presenters: Kevin Stine, Chief of Applied Cybersecurity Division, NIST and Acting Chief Cybersecurity Advisor to the NIST Director, NIST
Melinda Miguel​, CIG, CFSA, CICA, PMP, Chief Inspector General, State of Florida

The current environment has resulted in significant changes in the way business is conducted, education is provided, and how we live our lives - all facilitated by the increased use of technology.  While the evolution and sophistication of technology has benefitted society, it has also​ increased risks and vulnerabilities that are being exploited by cybercriminals.  Telework and virtual learning have further widened the cyberattack footprint and augmented concerns for risk management and privacy.

To register, please contract and provide your name, Email Address and the Training you would like to attend.  

How Internal Audit can help mitigate risk in the cyberworld - Jim Parshall

Dates March 30, 2021 8am - 12pm & 
March 31,2021 8am - 12pm 
Location: Virtual

Jim Parshall.png
This class will include the following topics: ​
  • Understanding vuln​erabilities of and ​evaluating ​risks to a cyber-infrastructure.​​​​ 
  • Types of defenses in place, what are they, what are their roles, ways to audit them.​ 
  • Understanding digital​ forensics and its application to auditing.​ 
  • Understanding meta data, Locard’s Exchange Principle and red flags.​ 
  • How the cloud relates to modern security/wags to audit its security. 
  • Data security and privacy.​ 
  • Social networking risks. 
  • Security and surveillance audits. 
  • Learn about tools available and methods for monitoring/auditing user access in the Windows environment. 
  • Auditing a cloud-based environment (specifically Azure).
    • Discussion about what auditors should consider focusing on during audits.
      • ​Fiduciary Activities
      • Leases

Agile Auditing - Raven Catlin, 8 CPE


Raven Catlin.jpgThe buzz-word in Internal Audit today is Agile Auditing. Agile Auditing is more than a mindset. Internal Audit processes today aren’t much different than they were 20 years ago. Internal Auditing of the future requires different tools and different methods of approach. Agile Auditing is a tool for auditors to use to complete audits on time that leverages risk based auditing and a par​ticipative audit approach. Agile is quickly becoming the go to method / approach to build efficient audit teams, create collaborative relationships with audit clients and deliver results timely. Through Agile AuditingTM you will improve audit delivery time, give better customer service, solve corporate problems and issues faster, and reduce delays, rework and waste. In this course, you will be taught how to implement an Agile Audit by a pioneer and leading trainer in Agile Auditing.​​​​​


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