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May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month!!
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40th YEAR!

Nisqually is a Recognized Sapphire Chapter 
Two Years in a Row!

Are you a state employee and want to join IIA but not willing to pay the normal rate or membership?  Save by joining the IIA Nisqually Chapter Governmental Audit Group!  Contact for more information. 
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 Future Events!


May 22, 2019 - Tactics (and courage) to Appraise Corporate Culture - Robert Kuling  8:00AM - 12:00PM - 4 CPE will be preceded by the  ***Membership Annual Meeting ***

The Membership Annual Meeting will give IIA members a chance to meet new board members and provide members a chance to provide input to possible seminars for the next year!

In response to heightened expectations from stakeholders, the imperative for internal auditors to understand and anticipate cultural risks has never been higher. High profile breakdowns in numerous industry sectors have prompted organizations to evaluate their view of the “right” culture, social license, and competitive advantage. Internal audit’s objectivity, skills, and enterprise-wide perspective is well positioned to ascertain whether risks arising from culture have been identified and addressed, and whether “hotspots” exist within the organization. This includes assessing all aspects of culture risk management ranging from employee engagement to investigation protocols.
This session will prompt internal auditors to refine their efforts or develop a starting point for this sensitive high impact audit domain. According to research conducted by Deloitte and the IIA, only 28% of internal audit functions have formally evaluated the organization’s culture within the past three years. Numerous cultural elements will be outlined and discussed including tone, values, motivations, psychological health, organizational bias, cultural artifacts, and social media. Lessons learned from organizational examples are included to stimulate dialogue. Practical approaches will be presented to plan and execute high impact engagements to mitigate reputational and financial damage.
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June 5, 2019 - Pink Collar Crime - Kelly Paxton 8:00AM - 12:00PM - 8 CPE
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Women steal differently than men.
In a 10-year period, women embezzlement arrests rose over 40%, while male embezzlement arrests only rose 4%. Women now have greater access to funds and are in positions where embezzlement is most prevalent. Kelly is considered a subject matter expert and speaks nationally on the topic of women and fraud. Using anecdotal evidence and academic studies, Kelly explains how to identify the typical pink collar criminal and the mindset required to investigate and interview female fraudsters.

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