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 FraudFest 2014 was a huge success!

Thanks to all that attended FraudFest this year.  The Programs Committee (Emmy, Choi, Ted, Dwight and Aury) did an awesome job in getting the speakers as well as putting on the event.  Each year it is just different enough to keep you coming back.  Special thanks to Roger Frank who gets the IIA Academy Award for portraying Casey Portage, a salty, bow tie wearing, cigar wielding, Water Department Executive, who ultimately was guilty of fraud.  Actors from UF were outstanding as well.  Toby Groves shared his research as well as he personal fraud tragedies.  We also learned more about identify theft from 2 IRS agents and a great presentation from Tatiana Melnick.  I do not want to go up against her any lawsuits.  We had 29 members and 15 non-members in attendance between the 2 days.

You get the month of April off—but in May we will have a roundtable on COSO and implementing the new 17 principles.  This is required for at least for public companies by December.