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 Welcome New Student Members!

Welcome to our new student members—Samantha Stolberg, Jesse Sands, Manu Chandrasekaran,  and Amanda Waterman.

Over the last couple of months, NCFIIA has participated in 3 on campus UF events.  Thanks to Courtney and Melissa from Gleim Publications for keeping us in mind.  We must be wowing the students as interest in Internal Audit seems to be at an all-time high.  Interesting most of the interest is coming from freshman and sophomores.  We have several students interested in internships.  They are hungry (for accounting experience), are free and can get college credit.  This is a great win-win situation.  NCFIIA President John Byrd is working on formalizing the process in his spare time.  His office has used interns very successfully over the past several years.  Please let us know if you or anyone you think may be interested.  You will hear from him again on this subject.