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 Audit Automation Seminar

4/25/2013 8:30 AM
4/25/2013 5:00 PM
GMU – Arlington Campus |  
Topic: Audit Automation
Location:  GMU – Arlington Campus
                   3351 Fairfax Dr.
                   Arlington, VA  22201
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2013, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Contact & Registration: Laura Whiteman or Kristin Kole to register for this event.

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Nonmembers - $425, to pay for this event, click here.
Speaker:  Gerard (Rod) Brennan, Siemens
Course Overview (8 CPE):
The objective of the course will be to challenge the traditional approach to auditing in favor of leveraging automation to audit activities and report.  Topics include:
  • The Future of Audit (Why does audit need change, why change, how do we better leverage automation etc?  What are the barriers to change?)
  • Potential impact of XML / XBRL
  • Application of Text Mining
  • Tools Over view (SAP GRC, ACL, IDEA, Oversight, etc.)
  • Audits Impact on Fraud
  • Impact of Continuous Audit / Monitoring on real or near real time reporting:  CISCO Case
  • Risk Management integration with audit & controls
  • Emotional Intelligence
Speakers Bio:  Rod is a practitioner, frequent speaker and published researcher on the topic of continuous auditing / monitoring -- he is currently NA Risk & Internal Control Officer for Siemens.   He is a passionate advocate of using technology to audit and monitor and is working with researchers from around the world to develop a continuous auditing / monitoring culture and technology for Siemens.  Rod successfully defended his PhD thesis on "The Use of Intelligent Software to Enable Continuous Auditing".  The research work included the design and development of a proof of concept ERP (SAP) continuous auditing software model incorporating some of the latest continuous auditing research concepts.  The model was co developed with Rutgers Universities' Continuous Auditing Research Laboratory (CarLab) -- a leading Continuous Auditing research group.  Rod is currently an adjuct professor teaching Advanced Auditing and information technology in the Rutgers Univ MBA program.  Prior to his work at Siemens he worked as CFO for a foundation, an SAP consultant and in various accounting and controlling positons for a fortune 500 US company.